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Homepage / My Life at Cranfield University!

My Life at Cranfield University!


Scroll down to read this blog in Chinese.

My name is Siqi Wang and I’m a. MSc student in Advanced Chemical Engineering. My first impression of Cranfield is its beautiful campus, if you’re looking for a nice place free from distractions then Cranfield is the place for you! Also after four months of study, I am very satisfied and happy with my courses and the teaching quality of Cranfield University.

The thing that I like the most about our course is that we have the chance to work in the laboratories and have site visits. For example, during the past two weeks, for the module Pilot Plant Operations, we need to learn about the combustion process of coal and other biomass feedstocks. Firstly we carried out a pilot-scale experimental test in the laboratory, and we learned about the operations we need, the data that needs to be monitored and recorded throughout the test. Then we visited the biomass power plant of Cranfield to see the system that provides heating for our campus.

We also went on a field trip to the Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park to see how an industrial-scale waste recovery facility operates. I really liked this site visit because we seldom have the chance to enter a large-scale site by ourselves, but this kind of experience is very useful for us to better understand the theoretical knowledge that we learnt and see how it is applied to a real-life scenario.

During our classes, we need to work with other students to prepare our presentations. My classmates come from different countries, I enjoy working and talking with them because it gives an opportunity to learn about other cultures. Also, most of my classmates have working experience before coming to Cranfield, which I don’t, so we may have different perspectives when solving the same problem. Although we come from different cultural and working experience, our cooperation is always very pleasant.  

The assessment of our modules is based on the report that we write at the end of each module. There are computers in the library and other rooms, but the one that I prefer is the PC hub next to Lanchester Hall. The assignment is not easy, and the lectures given can’t cover everything in detail, so we need to take the time to look for information ourselves. By doing the assignment I learnt a lot, and these experiences are very useful for the upcoming group project.

In my spare time, I like to take a walk on our campus. The wooden trail in the woods next to Stringfellow Hall is a great place for a walk in the weekends.

The University also organises many interesting events. For example, during Green Week in November, I participated in the Honey Harvesting event and got a jar of Cranfield-branded honey. The Cranfield Student Association also organises events such as Movie Night and trips. Of course, the Chinese Student Association is also very important for us. On the Chinese Spring Festival this year, both of the associations will be holding the Spring Festival Gala, I’m really looking forward to them!



我们专业课程结构中我最喜欢的一点是我们有机会进入实验室和工厂。例如在这两周进行的Pilot Plant Operations课程中,我们需要学习煤及生物燃料燃烧的过程。我们首先在学校实验室进行了中试规模的实验,这样我们可以了解到实验从头到尾所需要进行的操作和需要监控及记录的数据。其次我们参观了学校的发电站,了解了克兰的供暖设备。





另外学校也会时常组织一些活动。之前Green Week那周组织的蜂蜜制作活动就非常有意思,参与者也每人得到了一罐蜂蜜。另外CSA也会定期组织看电影和出游的活动。当然对于中国同学另一个重要的组织是中国学联。中国学联会也会定期组织有意思的活动,在今年春节他们会举办一场克兰的春晚。

Siqi Wang

Written By: Cranfield University

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