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Homepage / My Cranfield experience so far

My Cranfield experience so far


We asked Moses a few questions about his time at Cranfield so far…

Why did you choose to come to Cranfield?

Cranfield University is one of the most reputable universities in the UK and it offered my preferred course, Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc. The course was available with additional elective modules which have helped to explore my interest further and build on my experience.

What has been a highlight of your course and experience so far?

A highlight from my course was the ‘Component Design’ module, because it brought out new skills and talent in myself and gave me the opportunity to work in a group with different people and cultures, creating new challenging designs. Besides my academic highlights, I joined the handball club and cricket club to create a work-life balance. Playing in tournaments and leagues in different places against different clubs in England has been interesting.

How did you find your group project?

We were a group of six people from different academic backgrounds studying different courses – Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc, Renewable Energy MSc, both the Engineering route and the Management route. Our group project was on the ‘Implementation of Building Integrated Solar Technologies in Cranfield University’. With the help of our tutor, we were given a list of topics on solar developing technologies, and we decided to go with ‘Building Integrated Solar Technologies’, to improvise the latest technologies as well as retrofitting techniques for the existing buildings for green zero emissions.

Have you learnt any new skills from your project?

First and foremost, the most important skills I learnt were teamwork and time management. I learnt how to manage report writing, preparing a Gantt chart and taking minutes for our meetings. We were also able to explore new software to work on solar and its measurements.

How is your thesis going so far?

I have been given an interesting topic to work on “Biomimicry of Solar Technologies.” It is a vast topic, so as of now I am creating my literature review and with the help of my tutors, we are exploring a specific part to develop using Biomimicry.

How have you found studying and being on campus?

It is always fun and enjoyable being on campus, I deferred my place twice because I wanted to attend face-to-face classes at Cranfield and it was worth it. My favourite places to spend my time are the library and sports centre.

What do you do outside of studying?

I play sports, during the winter, I played handball to look after my fitness. I played in two leagues with various clubs around the UK and now I am into cricket. I play in two leagues on a Saturday and Sunday all around the UK, enjoying the beautiful cricket grounds and lovely weather.

What are your plans after graduation?

To continue learning and gaining the required skills to land me in a competitive position in the UK. I am trying my best to apply to jobs using ‘Simplicity’ through Cranfield University and upskilling my CV with the help of Cranfield’s career service.

Moses Victor Beera

Written By: Lauren Owers

Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc

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