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Homepage / Houses of Parliament – here we come!

Houses of Parliament – here we come!



My name is Tobi currently studying Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc. Coming to Cranfield University for my postgraduate degree was a decision that I did not take too long to make because of the close links the university has with a number of industries.

What makes engineering fascinating to me is the ability to solve as many real-life problems as possible and I am glad I will have the opportunity to do that during the course of my study through group and individual projects. My first few weeks at Cranfield has further affirmed I made the best choice for my postgraduate degree.

My course offers a dedicated option in Biorefinery which is an exciting field I am exploring and I am really enjoying the experience. The environment is so conducive with every resource you can think of and the modules has been well structured to be relevant to the world today. I have been able to make wonderful friends who I know will be important networks as I progress in my career.

One of my best experience so far was when an opportunity came for me to represent the university at a parliamentary reception celebrating UKCISA 50th anniversary which held at the Houses of Parliament.

I could remember the deep smile on my face when I got the e-mail that I have been selected to attend the event with Philip Bailey, the Assistant Director-Admissions. A visit to the Houses of Parliament was something I never thought will happen so soon and I would tag that as my best highlight of 2018.

Tobi And Phil

The event has in attendance lots of students and staff from other universities and delegates from different Department in the UK. The most amazing highlight of the day was the opportunity to interact with Alastair Vivien who is the chairman of the Commonwealth Writers Prize Advisory Committee and also actively involved in the running of the Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme. Being a beneficiary of the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, he was so excited to know about my journey as a scholar and the life changing opportunity the scheme has offered me.

The event ended with interesting speeches from our host, Paul Blomfield MP and Lord Bilimoria, talking about how much they appreciate and love international student and how much is still being done to ensure international student have the most amazing experiences in the UK. I did a student take over on the school Instagram page, which was actually really nice (Feel free to watch my highlights titled ‘UKCISA’).

The whole experience has been worthwhile for me since the start of my study here and I am really looking forward to more wonderful experiences.

Tobi Kassim

Written By: Cranfield University

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  1. Precious 27/11/2018 at 10:59 am - Reply

    Interesting… More wins Tobi

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