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Homepage / Arriving, settling in and starting my journey with Cranfield

Arriving, settling in and starting my journey with Cranfield


My journey to Cranfield

Hi, I am Daniel Olugbemi, a student of the Renewable Energy MSc at Cranfield University. When I started my search for universities to undertake my postgraduate studies, Cranfield University was one of the first I checked. At first glance through the modules and course structure, it seemed perfect, however I also checked up on other universities with the thought that they would be similar. I searched through several UK universities and can confidently say Cranfield was and is the perfect choice for a course in renewable energy. The Renewable Energy MSc course has two (2) routes; engineering and management. This provides a clear path for almost anyone coming to study renewable energy. Cranfield University Energy programme lecturers are greatly connected with the industry and have top of the edge research ongoing in the university.

Deciding to study at Cranfield was influenced by a few factors. One factor was finding the exact course in the University. Another is word-of-mouth recommendations by alumni who were in the energy industry in Nigeria. I interned at an energy company during my undergraduate studies and during this internship, on more than one occasion, I heard personal testimonies from Cranfield University alumni in the company of how great the University is and how its courses are tailored to the industry needs.

Arriving at Cranfield.

I’ve been preparing to study at Cranfield University for about a year plus. Getting to come this year was perfect timing. I resumed 8 days late due to visa delays and travel timing. Before resumption, the student body and administration set up virtual programmes where students could connect and get more information about Cranfield University. These virtual programmes were like the appetizer to a full-course meal. The induction week went by smoothly and classes began. Cranfield University has great IT capacity so attending classes virtually was a breeze. The MSc Renewable Energy course has structured modules and the assignment is intensive. Before resuming physically on campus, I was made aware of the module assignment and deadline.

Getting accommodation proved difficult as I arrived late, but, it all eased up with the help of the University. There was a welcome package presented at registration which was super useful!. Including a personal Cranfield branded bottle which helps to reduce plastic waste (Go Green!), a map of the campus (trust me, you’ll need it for the first weeks), pamphlets with details on getting BRP (biometric residence permit) registering with a GP (General practitioners) and staying safe from Covid. Generally, Cranfield University is structured in a way that eliminates the bother for anything other than your academics. Indirectly the University has said, “face your book mate, we’ll handle every other thing.”

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Cranfield University 11 for hospitality, structure and administration. Cranfield has an airport pickup service that you can register to through the EVE portal. It was said to give adequate notice of travel plans to ensure smooth pickup. However, due to visa delays and other circumstances out of my control, I had to travel at quick notice and the airport pickup service was still efficient. The drive to Cranfield from London was calm and the reception at Mitchell Hall was great

First few weeks and Cranfield University has been fantastic. If you’re thinking of applying, straight advice, you should.

I’ll write more after a couple more weeks.

Journey with Cranfield.

Learning at Cranfield is seamless through the integration of real-world challenges and progress with the sessions. There is no “abstract” learning here, situations where you wonder what to do with the knowledge gained. Through the modules covered so far, I have been taught exactly how the knowledge gained is used and real-time industry advancements in such areas.

Coming to Cranfield University, I looked forward to learning a lot about renewable energy such as the latest technologies, management and regulations of these technologies, the various policies guiding the advancement of renewables and much more. Having gone through half of the course modules, I would say I have learnt even more than what was advertised. The MSc Renewable Energy programme at Cranfield has been excellent so far and I can’t wait to discover the hidden treasures left through the rest of the year.

Daniel Olugbemi

Written By: Wayne Coulter

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  1. Bello oladimeji 18/01/2022 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Daniel on your course. Wish to learn more from you about Cranfield hospitality

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