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Homepage / About my life at Cranfield University!

About my life at Cranfield University!


From the moment I arrived at Cranfield for an open day back in November 2018, I immediately felt that coming to this University would have a positive influence on my career, and my decision to apply for a place at Cranfield was made that very day. Walking into the Vincent building and being greeted by very friendly members of staff also encouraged my decision. At the open day, from the moment I walked in, to the moment I left it was apparent that this was more than just a University. The day consisted of a talk on the topic I was looking at studying (Renewable Energy) and a tour of the campus, including the Anaerobic Digestion plant and the Cranfield Student Association (arguably the more important part of the tour). By the end of this tour, I made it my priority to apply for a place of study on the next intake (2019-2020).

Fast forward 11 months, Cranfield would become my place of study. Since October 2019, through various assignments including Energy Economics and Policy, where we studied the economics of energy and renewable energy technology, where we covered different renewable energy generating sources, our lecture content was put to test. It has been a journey of constant development which has opened my mind to different aspects of the energy sector.

January 2020

The second half of the course consisted of three applied modules, lasting two weeks each. Week one focused on lecture content followed by applying knowledge obtained in those lectures in the form of a presentation at the end of week two. This was the half in which students were able to demonstrate their group working skills.

The order in which the modules ran really helped prepare for the third phase of the course, group project. This is the phase which is currently taking place and it is exciting to say the least. Students work in groups of mixed discipline, predominantly focusing on renewable technology or renewable related projects. Most projects are also funded by a company who are looking to implement the findings. This is a great way of making sure students put their best efforts into the project.

The remaining phase of my Cranfield journey is the Individual Project phase. I am very much interested in grids of the future, microgrids and looking at how artificial intelligence (AI) can support the transition from a fossil fuel bias grid to a more renewable and sustainable, greener grid.

January 2020


Abdoul-Rasheed Okegan

Written By: Cranfield University

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