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Homepage / Why Cyber Security Essentials Plus is a key building block for assurance

Why Cyber Security Essentials Plus is a key building block for assurance


The Technology Enabled Business Solutions (TEBS) team had a busy year in 2020 working on, amongst other things, the Centre of Excellence in Energetic Materials (CoEEM) initiative.

TEBS initially developed and deployed the CoEEM member site back in 2017, and we continue to manage and further develop it in line with the initiative’s evolving requirements.

In order to provide a higher level of assurance to our stakeholders, including CoEEM, we have been working towards achieving Cyber Security Essentials Plus (CE+) accreditation for TEBS and our diverse activities.

I am pleased to be able to announce that following an intensive assessment and accreditation process, TEBS has been successful in achieving CE+ accreditation.

CE+ is the higher-level accreditation offered by the National Cyber Security Centre. Cyber attacks are constantly in the news and are now a daily operational reality for most organisations.

Through achieving this level of accreditation, TEBS, CoEEM and Cranfield University are clearly demonstrating how seriously we approach our security and data protection activities.

It is also important to note that many Government contracts now stipulate CE+ as a prerequisite for being considered in a tender bid.

TEBS is now able to demonstrate our efficiency in providing these assurances to our full customer base.

About CoEEM

Led by the UK Government, CoEEM collaborates with UK-wide organisations and academic centres to deliver coordinated research, training, test and evaluation services and act as a forum for knowledge exchange. It also provides technical leadership, guidance and advice on programme formulation and investment decisions with support and engagement from the wider energetics community.

Peter Jolliffe

Written By: Cranfield University

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