I wonder how many students were surprised by the location of Cranfield University?

In my case, I will always remember my travels to the University, looking through the windows of the bus with anxiety realising that the bus was leaving behind the city to go deep into the English countryside.

After two weeks of quarantine, I finally got out of my apartment and I was looking for something to do. While going to the small woodland area next to the University, I had discovered footpaths leading us through fields of sheep.

For my first walk, these footpaths led me to the charming village of North Crawley. In this village, I discovered a thatched roof house and the little church of Saint Firmin. It was a wonderful walk in the middle of nature.

If you are desperate for the city, it’s easy to travel to Milton Keynes or Bedford by bus. I spent one day walking around Bedford to discover all the architecture of the city. After getting off the bus, I could discover Shire Hall and the Saint Paul’s Church. Then I went to Bedford park through the very strange Dame Alice street where the houses are all identical. I finished my day by walking along the River Great Ouse.

I am looking forward to more adventures during my time at Cranfield! Does anyone have any places they could recommend?

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