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Homepage / Time flies… when you are having fun!

Time flies… when you are having fun!


Marta Sanzo

Time is flying! We have already done five modules so far and started the next one.

So far I am having a great time here! The campus feels like home and this is down to my professors and my classmates who make it possible. Classes are not boring at all since we are able to get involved in a huge variety of activities, which are interactive and useful. For instance, in the third module, Leading Corporate and Sustainability, we did a game called “The Game of life 2050”. It is well known that the world is constantly changing. During the game, we had the chance to experience a real-life situation by simulating every stakeholder of the business and the relationship between them. By doing this we were able to think about how they will be affected in the future. I would also say that this module is one of the modules that surprised me the most! My background is food science so, as a result, this field of study I was not as confident in at the start of the module. In the end, I was really pleased with the progress that I had made and I think this is due to the way that the module was taught.

Moreover, apart from lectures, we have had lab sessions and company visits. Visits from companies are good as it mixes up the classes so there is no chance for us to get bored! Also learning outside the classroom, you get to know your classmates better and ask professionals in the field about any questions you may have. Lab sessions are also good as we are able to put into practice, real-life scenarios that we have done in class. Additionally, they are good as they give us the opportunity to get used to the material and different methods and ways of using it, as may be in our future career we will need to work in a lab or design some experiments related to quality controls of food.

From my point of view, one thing that I have valued the most is being able to prepare and present oral presentations. So far we have done this in every module either individually, in pairs or in groups. These presentations help me to gain more confidence with the English language and also to test and build on my knowledge on the module. I have found this to be a really interesting way of presenting our learning after the module. Additionally, I really appreciate the work that the lecturers put in to give us complete feedback every time we do a presentation. It is also helpful as it improves your public speaking skills and finding the appropriate and best content to include on our PowerPoint presentations in order to improve the assignment related to the subject.

To sum up, although it is been an intense month, I am enjoying my time here! There is time to party, have dinners and also visit places around the UK. However, at the same time, I am gaining key skills to better prepare us for our professional career after Cranfield, either in industry or doing further research.

We have had an intense week of working on assignments, but the good thing is that we were able to spend all of the Christmas break with family or travelling… since all the work was done by then!

Marta Sanzo

Written By: Cranfield University

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