Future Food Sustainability MSc – Cranfield University” – was one of the Google results that I received when searching for master’s programs that would interest me. According to my friends, this was me as a master’s program. Among my friends and family, I have been known to be the person who finishes my friend’s plate to avoid food waste and the one who stands in the supermarket for ten minutes debating whether it was acceptable to buy blueberries from South America. I applied, got accepted– but was still a little sceptical whether this was really the best path, the best school, the best country for me.

Getting lost on my first run

Now I have been in Cranfield for more than six weeks, and even though I have spent the last four years in a vibrant, young, lively American city, this already feels like home. I cannot deny that it might seem like I live in the middle of nowhere. But honestly, in the time of a global pandemic, the middle of nowhere is not the worst place to be. Because I consider myself an “outgoing introvert” (meaning I am eager to meet new people and make new experiences, but do need my peace and quiet), I live by myself. However, in the first couple weeks, I have met quite a few people through activities, like running or cycling, or through my program. Socially distanced, of course.

Bicycle ride into the sunset

Obviously, the global pandemic has posed some challenges, when it comes to meeting people or doing certain things, such as throwing big parties. Some other unexpected challenges include: not getting on the bus (that only comes every hour on the weekends) to go grocery shopping in Milton Keynes, or sitting in class with foggy glasses because of the required face mask, trying to decipher the PowerPoint slide.

However, while many of my friends go to universities that completely switched to online classes, going to class and seeing the faces of my class mates and the professor is something that I appreciate tremendously.  Cranfield has done a great job managing the Covid-situation so far and, despite the lockdown, nothing much has changed.

And there is a light at the end of the tunnel, right? Future trips to London, further exploring Bedford and Milton Keynes. Who knows what the future will hold. One thing is for sure: future food sustainability will remain important in the near future and my time here at Cranfield will hopefully prepare me well to contribute to a better world. 

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