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New Beginnings!


And here I am, in Cranfield University. To be honest, I felt really happy when I was accepted.  Since I heard about this option to study in Cranfield, I have been wishing to enter.

There are many reasons why I was planning to study at Cranfield. Firstly, I wanted to broaden my knowledge since I did a master in my hometown related to the course that I am doing here, which is Food Systems and Management. Besides, I think this programme could offer me a different and interesting point of view of the food industry and everything that involves. Secondly, I love to meet new people, exploring new places and learn about their traditions.

So, I strongly believe that this experience would provide me with both things. And so far, I would say that it is happening. We have already done the two first modules of the course. However, before classes, we had a welcome week and an induction week. These two first weeks were opportune and fascinating. We did some activities to meet each other, and it was then when I met my classmates and also students from the agrifood programme, who do another MSc. I am very glad to meet all of them because they are very kind and I think that we are a nice group. We went all together for a trip, that I really enjoyed it since I had never been before either in a celery field nor a mushrooms plantation. It was amazing! Another reason that explains why I found these weeks useful, it was because the first days I got lost in the campus (due to the many buildings and facilities there are), and these days helped me to orientated in it.

Returning to the classes, I reaffirm my first opinion about the course. So far, I find it very interactive and practical. It is true that the “assignments” (which I would say that it will be the word of the year, at least, of this period of modules), take you a long time to do it. But if you organise yourself, you have plenty of time to do social activities, sports or the simple fact to know better each other with other people.

In my opinion, I like the fact that we are few in class. It facilitates a more personal relationship with professors, a fact that I value.  To sum up, I feel comfortable with the classmates, I enjoy the village and surroundings (you will see in the images that I like to take photos of everything),  and even though it is a real challenge for me, I also know that it will be a great experience, not only for my career but for my personal development.

Some of the different landscapes about Cranfield Village, University, surroundings and activities carried on campus

Marta Sanzo

Written By: Cranfield University

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