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Homepage / NERC Digital Environment programme – Webinar series launched

NERC Digital Environment programme – Webinar series launched


Announcing a series of open webinars organised by the NERC Digital Environment programme. The Constructing a Digital Environment programme are running a series of online Webinars, to be held every three weeks, aiming to develop the digitally enabled environment to benefit scientists, policymakers, businesses, communities and individuals.

The CDE webinars seek to showcase the latest expertise in digital technology and methodologies applied to the environment, illustrating the ‘arc’ from data gathering, its management and curation, analysis and presentation to decision makers, covering topics such as distributed networks of sensors, new sensor technology, novel forms of data informatics (e.g. data lakes, data cubes), data analytics, uncertainty, data labs, apps, skins and tools to support decision makers across the society. The first events are:

  1. Thursday 12th November 15:00 GMTThe value of information and how to decide what you and how much you should be measuring – Douglas W Hubbard
  2. Thursday 3rd December 15:00 GMTThe Flaw of Averages and How to Cure It – Professor Sam L Savage
  3. Thursday 17th December 15:00GMTWhy Big Data and AI machine learning will never work for critical problems of risk assessment – causal reasoning and knowledge to the rescue – Professor Norman Fenton

Please pass on to all and sundry! Flyer for events are attached on weblink.

Web page and ongoing registration details here

Stephen Hallett

Written By: Cranfield University

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