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Homepage / The International Society for Computational Fluid Dynamics (ISCFD): who, what, where and why?

The International Society for Computational Fluid Dynamics (ISCFD): who, what, where and why?


Introducing ISCFD, the one-stop society for all your fluidic needs. If you’re not familiar with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), simply put it’s the discipline of analysing and visualising fluid flow for scientific and engineering problems. If you think it sounds appealing to you, you’re right, it is, and we think so too, please read on.

Photo taken pre Covid-19

The Cranfield Student Association provides the opportunity to participate in clubs and societies which have been set-up and are run by students, such as the International Society for Computational Fluid Dynamics.

First and foremost, ISCFD is a sanctuary. The ISCFD was founded by two passionate PhD researchers at Cranfield; Natan Zawadzki and Parash Agarwal, with a vision to create a common framework of interaction between students, researchers, academics and industry in the field of CFD. The ISCFD is now run by an enthusiastic team of computational fluid dynamists from varying backgrounds. It is a free platform to discuss and share ideas and research activities in the world of CFD as well as to engage with other like-minded professionals. We strive to enrich the research culture within the university, promote CFD and encourage the next generation of CFD experts.

Our popular ISCFD guest lectures are something we’re very proud of. We regularly invite a CFD expert from either academia or industry to showcase and present what’s going on in the CFD world. These lectures will take place online for the foreseeable future which means we can invite experts from literally anywhere around the globe. So far, we’ve hosted experts from Siemens, University of Cambridge, Jaguar Land Rover, University of Oxford, Rolls Royce, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Convergent Science plus many more and we’re set to continue this trajectory for the following academic year. These lectures are an opportunity to gain perspective about what’s going on in this ever-changing field and obtain exclusive content not otherwise available to the general public.

We also provide a forum on LinkedIn which we encourage all members to join. This is an environment for discussion, whether you’re stuck with understanding a concept or you’re looking for an expert, the community can help you out as you’ll have access to a wide-reaching and engaging CFD cohort.

If the ISCFD sounds like it’s something for you, please follow us on LinkedIn ( and Twitter (@iscfd) for our latest news and ISCFD guest lecture announcements. Keep an eye on our website too which will be up and running very soon (!


Jamie Townsend

Written By: Cranfield University

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