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Homepage / My Cranfield MSc; Aerospace Dynamics MSc

My Cranfield MSc; Aerospace Dynamics MSc


Hello, my name is Begoña Diez, I am from Spain and I have recently finished my MSc in Aerospace Dynamics. This course has greatly enhanced my knowledge in aerodynamics and flight dynamics and I’d like to share with you my experience of this course.

I now have a better understanding of aerodynamics thanks to modules such as Compressible Flow, Introduction to Transonic Flow and Experimental Aerodynamics. Thanks to access to the Wind Tunnel facilities on campus, offered to all Aerospace Dynamics MSc students, I was able to understand and evaluate airflow properties by means of different experimental tests carried out in the different Wind Tunnels. I was able to gain expertise in Flight Dynamics and Flight Controls as most of the modules I selected were related to this field of aerospace engineering. Thanks to modules such as Flight Dynamics Principles, Air Vehicle Modelling and Simulation, Flight Qualities and Flight Controls, Control Systems and Multivariable Control System I was able to continue increasing my knowledge about flight dynamics and flight controls. During the Flight Experimental Methods module we had the chance to perform different flight tests in the Cranfield University Jetstream 31 aircraft, which was an incredible experience for all students.

Photo taken pre-Covid-19

All of the modules enabled me to succeed in my Individual Research Project about the development of the flight control system and handling qualities assessment for an E-VTOL urban air mobility vehicle.

I had the pleasure of researching about Urban Air Mobility revolutionary air vehicles, which are leading numerous successful research project nowadays. This new air transport method has developed so much in the last few years that some companies are already in the process of flight test and certification for these vehicles. From the point of view of my Individual Research Project, it has been a challenge as there were not many research projects and papers related to this new air vehicles system. Therefore, it was difficult to start working on something without enough documentation. Besides, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, I had to adopt innovative ways to communicate with my supervisor in order to research and solve issues along the way.

Finally, after a long period of hard work, I managed to develop the flight control system for the UAM vehicle thanks to the help of my supervisor and the help of Research Fellows within the Flight Dynamics team. I had the chance to test the model in the Future System Simulator of Rolls-Royce, which is located in the Aerospace Integration Research Centre.

It was a great opportunity being able to use such innovative instrumentation for my Individual Research Project in order to validate the model and flight control system for the UAM vehicle. Besides, I had the chance to perform Flight Test Simulations with two pilots from the National Flying Laboratory Centre.

Photo taken pre-Covid-19

I am very grateful to Cranfield University and Rolls-Royce for giving me the chance to use this high-technology instrumentation for my Individual Research Project, which would not succeed without the facilities and instrumentation mentioned before.

All in all, I am very happy for making the decision to study the Aerospace Dynamics MSc – not only because of all the academic experience and knowledge I have acquired, but also because all the people I have met who have made this year unforgettable.

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Begona Diez Navarro

Written By: Cranfield University

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