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Homepage / Cranfield Aeronautical Society; discover what we have planned for the forthcoming academic year

Cranfield Aeronautical Society; discover what we have planned for the forthcoming academic year


My name is Junaid Moolimani and I am the President of the Cranfield Aeronautical Society which brings together Cranfield University students who are interested in aviation-related activities and events.

Here’s a good question: What defines a good team? Is it communicating? Working towards the same goals? Being passionate, committed, and involved?

I believe it is all of this and so much more, which is why I am more than proud to set off on this new journey as President of the Cranfield Aeronautical Society alongside six other people who are just as determined as myself to cultivate all these values!

Having given considerable thought and a year-round of research, I decided to pursue my master’s programme at Cranfield University, studying advanced mechanical engineering. With the number of industrial links and widespread opportunities in the aviation field, I soon realised that I had made the right choice (until the early British winter kicked in).

Two months into my Cranfield experience I was elected President of the Cranfield Aeronautical Society by the previous year’s presidents and core-committee members, not only to make the most of my time at Cranfield, but also to lead, overcome, and manage challenges as my career progresses.

At this point you may be wondering, “Alright, but what is society about? What kind of events should I be expecting?”

Well, throughout the academic year, the Cranfield Aeronautical Society is well-known for hosting a variety of in-person visits to air shows and museums, as well as other on-site and online presentations and meet and greets. As an aviation industry-oriented society with members from a variety of backgrounds, we have planned to introduce networking/career aviation workshops, which will both help our members gather useful tips required while applying to various companies and provide insider information on the types of desirable skill sets to be successful in the aviation industry. On top of that, we are contacting various alumni who are currently working at various multi-national collaborations for in-person professional talks.

And since networking is at the core of success, we offer access to our members-only LinkedIn group, where discussions can be sparked with past committees and members currently working at various major companies around the world, who are willing to offer alumni support and referrals.

Our purpose for this mandate is to not only build on the legacy of the former committees, drawing upon the experience and advice of the talented people preceding us, but to go a step further and make sure that we make the most of this time, implementing new ways to make this academic year at Cranfield more enjoyable while remaining career-focused (and, of course, safe). Our motivation is all the greater knowing that people are more excited than ever to interact, discover, and learn following the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic!

What else to expect?

Visits to (dare we say) the most representative Cranfield locations: the branded Boeing 737, along with Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC) and the Accident Investigation Laboratory on campus.

Not only that, but depending on the members’ interest and availability, we aim to facilitate and implement any suggestions/demands, such as potential various prized events, quizzes, air modelling shows, and other events throughout the academic year.

You should also be ready for: fun, friendships, open people, and intercultural experiences. (We do have a few aces up our sleeves, though, so also expect the unexpected).

But don’t take our word for it: all our social platforms are listed below, so make the most of your year at Cranfield by joining the Aeronautical Society and see for yourselves!




Junaid Moolimani

Written By: Alice Kirkaldy

“Mechanical Engineer, would love to test aircrafts for a living, I also podcast, create aviation content and fly during my spare time!”

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