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Homepage / Come and Meet Eric – Students @ Unmanned and Intelligent Systems Society

Come and Meet Eric – Students @ Unmanned and Intelligent Systems Society



Eric is a postgraduate student at Cranfield University and currently involved in one of our projects of the Unmanned & Intelligent Systems Society. We talked with him about his work in the Guidance, Navigation and Control team and his experiences in our society:

–   Hi Eric, you are working in one of the UAV projects of the UIS society. What is your role inside of your project team and what are typical tasks you have to face?

Yes, I am part of the student team which is participating in the UAS challenge of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). I am working in the Flight Control Team, which means I work on all the aspects linked to the design and the implementation of the flight control module. Recently, we chose the board on which the autopilot will be implanted. I am now focusing on the simulation task by utilising Simulink and FlightGear.

–    From which country are you coming from and what is your academic background?

I am coming from France and I studied before at CentraleSupélec, which is a reputed French school of engineering with a specialisation in electrical engineering and control theory. I then decided to continue with a master’s in aerospace engineering at Cranfield. Even though I was busy with studying, I always tried to work actively in extracurricular projects and personal side projects. Therefore, I was able to work for many years on flight simulations and to gain experiences in this area. One of my highlights was an internship in a French drone company last summer in which I was able to learn a lot about flight control systems of UAVs.

–    Why did you join the Unmanned and Intelligent System Society?

I think that joining a student society is an excellent opportunity because it allows you to work towards a specific objective in a friendly environment. More precisely, I chose the UIS because, of course, I was interested in its purpose, but also because this society has a real benefit given the master course I am currently attending at Cranfield (Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics & Control).

–    How would you describe the Unmanned and Intelligent Systems Society to one of your friends?

If I had to be very formal, I would say: “The Unmanned & Intelligent Systems Society of Cranfield University is a leading student society whose purpose is to design and build autonomous aeronautical systems.” But to my friends, I would add: “It is an amazing society, with a super atmosphere, and you’re going to learn a lot, not only about the strict building part but also about teamwork, all the project management and decision-making phases etc. 

–    Do you think the Society is helpful for your future career?

Of course, since I will probably find all the processes in which I am currently involved later in my professional life.

Sound like something you would like to do? Click here to learn more about Eric’s course.

Unmanned & Intelligent Systems Society

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