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Homepage / A flying visit from Diamondo Earthrounding promoting sustainable aviation

A flying visit from Diamondo Earthrounding promoting sustainable aviation


As the world works to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through various initiatives such as the introduction of grants and commissions for research advancement toward the further use of sustainable aviation fuel, Diamondo Earthrounding not only promotes the use of these fuels by flying around the world, but also assists the world in investing in aviation’s path to net-zero carbon emissions.

With the Diamondo team making a pitstop at Cranfield University’s airport, a meeting with Matt Niederhäuser and Robin Wenger had to be arranged. The Cranfield Aeronautical Society (CAeS) primary focus is on aviation as well as having members who want to make an impact in the industry, we are also very keen in terms of meeting new people and finding out about new initiatives.

Diamondo Earthrounding team explaining the various avionic systems to the CAeS members

Not only were we able to see and explore the Diamond DA50 RG aircraft that Matt and Robin were flying, but they were also gracious enough to explain the engine systems and avionics installed specifically in the aircraft in light of the fact that they will be flying around the world in 111 days.

Furthermore, having members analyse the various breakthroughs and challenges that the pilots have faced while in the cockpit helped to further relate to the importance of flying an aircraft and the use of sustainable aviation fuel initiative that the Diamondo Earthrounding is promoting.

“Seeing the two pilots arriving at Cranfield with their epic journey almost coming to an end was a great and memorable experience. The passion that Matt and Robin displayed while talking us through their experience was simply electrifying. Considering the greater goal of the two, to promote the usage of sustainable aviation fuels is exactly the kind of engagement and motivation we need these days.”

Luca Leisi (member of Cranfield Aeronautical Society)

During a walk to explore the campus, where Matt Niederhäuser – a Cranfield University alumnus – reminisced about his MSc days, they shared with us how they both approached investors in terms of funding and the idea of flying around the world spreading the use of sustainable aviation thus bringing together the like-minded Diamondo Earthrounding team.

The crew took time to sit with us, discussing various instrument approaches they had made to various airports around the world on their journey, which we found incredibly interesting.

Whilst the crew’s pitstop was only for a few hours, meeting them was enough to motivate us to delve deeper into the research prospects in terms of the use of sustainable aviation fuels, which Cranfield University currently has plenty of research into.

The Diamondo crew having a discussion with the members

The initiative, such as flying around the world, which Diamondo Earthrounding has completed, has allowed other institutions and companies to begin the transition to the research and aviation’s path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Finally, those who had the opportunity to meet the team are bound to want to recreate the experience and perhaps listen to the crew’s journeys to cities such as Medina, Noida, Kuching, or Exuma.

Junaid Moolimani

Written By: Alice Kirkaldy

Cranfield Aeronautical Society President

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