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Homepage / The beginning of my Cranfield journey as a Water student.

The beginning of my Cranfield journey as a Water student.


Joining Cranfield University is a dream come true! I made this decision based on what I had learnt from some of my colleagues from my home country who had studied here, and alumni of other nationalities as well. I have been consistent in following up with the University on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook as I get to hear a lot about student life, life at Cranfield, opportunities available and industrial partnerships.

Studying the MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering (WWE) at Cranfield University was a decision I strongly made over two years back as I closely considered the course structure and prospects. I was working as a water and wastewater treatment plant operator in a multinational company’s branch in Ghana, West Africa, and I was willing to upgrade my knowledge and experience with a postgraduate level education. I must admit that I fell in love with the WWE course, particularly due to the course content, excellent staff, world-class facilities for water studies and the industrial field trips. Knowing that the Water programme was highly sought after and considering it’s employability benefits in the UK and across other countries convinced me enough!

So far living on the Cranfield campus is a very peaceful environment, and I consider this an ideal place to be. It is easy to move around the University whether on foot or a bike. On the other side is the weather! It can sometimes get quite cold, but with the right body wear, I think it’s not so much of a problem.

The facilities available at the University are very well equipped with the resources including lecture halls, labs, machines, and technologies required to equip students to develop a comprehensive and strong grip on their course of study. I have personally tried to explore a few of the facilities outside of my course, and I was impressed with what I discovered.

So far, my settling into Cranfield University has been a smooth and wonderful experience. I do enjoy the peaceful environment of my student accommodation, the well-prepared meals at Cranberries – Stafford Cripps, and the welcoming personality of most students and staff. Additionally, I am very proud to share that I am actively developing my leadership and professional skills and competencies as I have embraced a few extra-curricular activities in addition to my MSc study. I am currently serving as the Course Representative for my cohort, a Student Ambassador for the University, and a Careers Representative for Cranfield Careers and Employability. What a way to start my journey at Cranfield!

After a few months at Cranfield my favourite moment at the University  was visiting the UKCRIC National Research Facility for Water and Wastewater Treatment located on the beautiful campus. As a young professional who has been working in the water and wastewater sector, I felt that connection with whatever we had been taught in class. Witnessing the practical side of water and wastewater treatment.

My favourite topic I have studied so far on a school level, (School of Water, Energy and Environment) – one of the topics that was quite informative and interesting was during our induction week – Referencing and Plagiarism session. It was fun and very interactive!

Cranfield University offers a unique teaching experience, offering one of the best staff-to-student ratios. I do enjoy the friendliness and support given by all the staff – including those within my school and others from Careers and Employability.

Coming from an African background, we naturally never had that sort of close relativity and friendliness with academics and staff, although a few of them seemed to be quite relatable. It is very surprising to discover that the culture abroad, in this very case, at Cranfield University is completely different. I have found every academic so far very relatable, approachable, and supportive. For me, that is a huge advantage and did surprise me.

I have embarked on a few trips within my few months as a Cranfield student. Thanks to the CSA (Cranfield Student Association) and the MSc Water tutors, I have been to places including Bedford, Central London, and Cambridge. It was a fun moment touring some of the beautiful places in London, including the famous London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and the Shard. I enjoyed those moments and captured some memories too. I will be going on some more trips soon!

Since moving to Cranfield, I have interestingly, tried a few new things including food! Aside from personal cooking, I enjoy the meals prepared at Cranberries – Stafford Cripps. They taste so good! Although I hardly keep the meal names to memory, I am not hesitant to try new stuff, as I get to enjoy different tastes. Halal chicken is also one of my most enjoyed ones.



Study Water and Wastewater Engineering MSc

Francis Sankah

Written By: Autumn Handscombe

Water and Wastewater MSc, 2023-2024

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