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Homepage / My journey as a Water student sponsored by the Mister Gees Foundation

My journey as a Water student sponsored by the Mister Gees Foundation


Anika Islam from Bangladesh, a current student studying MSc Advanced Water Management has been sponsored by the Mister Gees Foundation, a bursary for a postgraduate student enrolled on a MSc Water, Waste and Environmental Engineering course. Here, Anika shares why she chose to study an MSc in the UK and how she is finding life as a Cranfield student. 

After studying BSc Environmental Science, I was encouraged to build a career in academia where my research would be concentrated in hydrology and remote sensing After graduation, I worked as a Research Consultant in the Remote Sensing division of a renowned organisation in my home country.

As I was looking for opportunities for my MSc degree, I came across the MSc in Advanced Water Management course at Cranfield University, which pretty much fulfilled all the requirements I had for my Master’s degree.

The taught modules concentrated on Hydrological modelling, water quality, flood management and water resource management in the urban areas. It was just what I wanted before I could delve into the group project and thesis. I applied right away and I was able to get the conditional offer letter. But the question of paying the tuition fees made me rethink my decision. As an international student, paying the tuition fees is always a matter of concern but all my prayers were answered the day I got the mail of my scholarship. The Mister Gees Foundation Scholarship gave me the confidence to come out of my comfort zone, my home country and pursue my dream in the UK.”

“I couldn’t be thankful enough for giving me the opportunity to study at Cranfield University.”


My experience on the course 

During the taught courses we were actually being prepared for the upcoming challenges we were about to face in the group project. The sessions were not only interactive but also insightful. The teaching team consists of the best researchers in this field. Since the outset of the taught modules, they’ve consistently infused us with inspiration. We went on several field trips during the taught modules.

This picture was one of our first trips and you can see from our smile how exciting it was! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day because I was just starting to realise what an exciting journey was waiting for me for the rest of the year!

For a female-international student, there are so many things to be concerned about before relocating. However, the university authority made it possible for me to get settled as quickly as possible by providing all the necessary information and facilities.

All the modules went very quickly and before we even knew it, we started our group project. It was a blessing that I got to work with all of my friends. My cohort is filled with amazing people and I got to spend day and night with them working continuously on the project.

This photo was taken right after our group presentation with one of our supervisors, Professor Jerry Knox.

Life as a student

Cranfield University gave me the perfect MSc experience everyone dreams of. The decision to live on campus was one of the best decisions I made. The environment and culture of the university just can’t be compared with any other. Going on walks with friends, eating our meals together, and getting to know about each other’s country and traditions are just a part of our daily lives now. The moment I think life couldn’t get better here, Cranfield has something new to offer me. The exposure I got here research-wise is unmatched and one thing I know for sure is that no other university could have helped me this much to know my own potential. All of this was only possible because of the Mister Gees Foundation.

What’s next after my master’s

Now that I am writing this, I have just realised that I have less than 4 months left here. I have finished my group project and just preparing for my thesis. I will miss Cranfield and all the experiences I had here. But at the same time, I am very excited to work on my thesis in the last few months here. I am also looking forward to my life after my MSc. as I plan to embark on my PhD journey soon.

Anika Islam

Written By: Autumn Handscombe

MSc Advanced Water Management 2023

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