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Homepage / Why Air Transport Management MSc alumna Bade Hammal chose Cranfield University

Why Air Transport Management MSc alumna Bade Hammal chose Cranfield University


Bade, having moved around a lot in her life (she has lived in nine different houses), wanted to pursue a career in the aviation industry. Speaking to her university teacher in Turkey, she was advised to consider Cranfield and set out to research Cranfield and other universities with aviation programmes, coming to the conclusion that Cranfield was the best option.

Bade’s  Air Transport Management MSc offered her access to in-house research data and knowledge and consisted of many highlights, the most memorable of which was the group project, an experience she found as useful as it was enjoyable. At the project presentation evening she even received a job offer – amazing!

“I enjoyed the lectures very much. It was great to learn so much about the aviation industry in such a short amount of time. It was clear that the lecturers have immense knowledge in their areas and would shape the classes based on student feedback. They also taught us valuable information about analysing data which is crucial when interviewing for a role in an airline.”

Bade is currently in her dream job, with easyJet as a Revenue Management Analyst. She’s happy to be working for easyJet, describing them as a great company to work for, and she attributes her success in securing the job to Cranfield’s great reputation and the industry-focused education that she’s received.

Bade’s future aspiration is to become a senior manager for an airline, maybe even at easyJet. Her advice for anyone interested in studying Air Transport Management is:

“The future lies in data analysis. Pay great attention to data analysis lessons at Cranfield and learn how to use Excel. If you have the interest, learn how to use SQL (Structured Query Language). It is a great advantage to have when you’re applying for a job.”

Find out more about Bade’s MSc:

Air Transport Management MSc

Bade Hammal

Written By: Poonam Maini

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