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Homepage / FIA Motorsport Engineering Scholarship winner Jesica Salvini on making an impact in the motorsport industry

FIA Motorsport Engineering Scholarship winner Jesica Salvini on making an impact in the motorsport industry


Jesica Salvini is the recipient of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) Motorsport Engineering Scholarship, in partnership with Cranfield University. Here, Jesica, who is studying for an MSc in Advanced Motorsport Engineering, talks about how her lifelong love of motorsport led to her becoming the first female track engineer in Argentina and how she hopes studying at Cranfield will further enhance her career.

Congratulations on winning the FIA Motorsport Engineering Scholarship! How does it feel?

Thank you so much! I feel very grateful to have been given this opportunity, since for me it is a great challenge to come to study abroad. I have always been a motorsport enthusiast, and to be awarded with this scholarship from the FIA itself, is a great honour for me. I am so excited to be here, and I am committed to give my best at all times.

Can you tell us a bit about your life before you came to Cranfield?

I am from Argentina, where I completed my previous studies and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been working in Argentinian motorsports for several years as a Track Engineer for the most popular motorsport series there, called Turismo Carretera. I am very passionate about my job, and really enjoy attending the races and working with the teams. I am also very close to my family and friends, and I love spending time with them, so this year studying abroad, far away from them, will be a challenge in that aspect too.

What inspired your passion for motorsport?

I have always been a fan of motorsport. My father used to take me to the tracks when I was a little girl, and it became my passion as I grew up. Later in life, while still studying for my engineering degree, I started working in the field and my motivation skyrocketed. It is my true calling.

Why did you choose the Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc?

I chose the Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc because I want to continue learning and gaining experience to become a better prepared professional in the motorsports field. I aim high, and that is why I chose Cranfield University, because I am aware of the prestige and dedication this institution has, especially related to the motorsport industry.

What are your first impressions of Cranfield?

My first impression is very good! I really like the campus, and the labs. I have had the chance to meet most of my teachers, and I already admire them. I know this is going to be a really demanding year, but I am confident I have made the right choice.

What are you most looking forward to during the coming academic year?

I am looking forward to learning a lot and getting to meet very interesting people here. But above all, I am really excited about the group project and the individual thesis. I believe the first one is going to be absolutely thrilling and give us lots of practical tools and teamwork, which I really enjoy. On the other hand, the individual thesis will give me the opportunity to research and specialise in the topic I choose and acquire the most valuable knowledge.

What are your aspirations after you graduate?

I would like to gain experience in an international motorsport environment, working for a team. I want to be able to take my newly gained knowledge to the track and make it practical. And, as any motorsport engineer, I want to win.

Motorsport has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. How do you think this is changing?

Although there is still a great majority of men, I can see (with great joy) that the female presence in the technical positions is growing every year. Of course, it is a slow process because it involves academic training and preparation, so we need to be patient. But fortunately, the industry has already begun to realise that there are many brilliant women who can contribute a lot to the performance of the team and provide valuable and diverse solutions. I believe that the more diverse a team is, the more innovative solutions it can find.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

In my country, motorsport is even more male-dominated than in Europe. It was a great challenge for me to become a female motorsport engineer, because at the time, there weren’t any. But with the help of my teachers and teammates, and my determination, I carried on, prepared myself, and became the first female track engineer in Argentina. And I am so happy to have set an example for every Argentinian female engineer who wants to work in motorsport.

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Jesica Salvini

Written By: Antonia Molloy

Jesica Salvini is the recipient of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) Motorsport Engineering Scholarship, in partnership with Cranfield University. Jesica, from Argentina, is studying for an MSc in Advanced Motorsport Engineering.

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