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Homepage / Cranfield Air Transport Management MSc alumnus Eren is flying high!

Cranfield Air Transport Management MSc alumnus Eren is flying high!


Eren Erol graduated in 2023 and has already begun his dream career at London City Airport – the perfect place to apply his new skillset. Soon after completing his MSc in Air Transport Management London City Airport offered Eren a role as a Continuous Improvement Consultant, referencing his Cranfield degree during the interview.

Prospective employers know the extent to which Cranfield’s industry links enhance the quality of education and students benefit further still from guest lectures from experienced industry voices who visit the university on a regular basis.

The university has expertise in postgraduate studies, and also a special expertise in aviation, and these factors also make Cranfield an attractive place to study.

Eren chose Cranfield University for his master’s based on that knowledge of the quality of education provided by professors who are highly qualified and well recognised within the air transport industry. He enjoyed the course, describing it as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. The course welcomes a diverse cohort of students from different countries who enjoy a rich course content and high quality modules; even better than Eren has expected, something that was enhanced by experienced guest speakers from the industry. Eren explained that the course went beyond teaching theory, with the cohort acquiring a vast amount of knowledge on the practical side too. Eren recognised the benefit of plentiful in-class teamwork and a group project which enabled them to develop excellent teamwork skills.

Besides his studies, Eren had a chance to fly on board the Cranfield National Flying Laboratory Classroom; another unforgettable experience.

When it comes to Life at Cranfield, Eren recommends living on campus for the ease at which you are able to enjoy long walks in the surrounding countryside as well as various options to choose from for food from the on-site cafés and restaurants. The library is a great place to study and it’s always nice to catch up at the

Throughout his journey at Cranfield, Eren made several friends from different countries and learned a lot about different cultures:

Studying abroad definitely enables a person to expand their horizon and get used to working with people from different backgrounds. It enables a person to develop an essential skillset to have a successful career.

Eren thinks Cranfield is a perfect place to study for those who are passionate about their field of study. He feels the coursework is rigorously designed to train highly qualified professionals for the industry. He describes being a Cranfield alumnus as a privilege that only passionate and hardworking students can achieve.

All the effort the students put into studying at Cranfield pays back with the achievement of career goals that they are aspiring to:

I would like to continue my career in the air transport industry and achieve senior positions as many Cranfield alumni did. Cranfield alumni usually become role models in the industry and shape the future of the fields in which they are working. It is a good opportunity now and also a task for me to shape a sustainable future for the air transport industry. I have the goal of being a key policy maker to design the crucial policies to align the air transport industry with the global sustainability targets. What’s more, I would like to share all my experience with the future Cranfield University students. Once I gain extensive experience in the industry, I would like to be a regular guest lecturer at Cranfield University, and if possible, be a permanent lecturer in the future.

Cranfield is renowned in the aviation industry and alumni like Eren know that when it comes to job hunting, a CV that includes ‘Cranfield University’ enhances your chances of standing out from the crowd.

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Air Transport Management MSc

Eren Erol

Written By: Poonam Maini

Air Transport Management MSc 2022

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