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Homepage / Ruben Hrstka Sanchez’s journey from Advanced Materials to Formula 1

Ruben Hrstka Sanchez’s journey from Advanced Materials to Formula 1


Ruben Hrstka-Sanchez is currently studying for an MSc in Advanced Materials at Cranfield University and plans to graduate later this year (2024). He is originally from France, where he was studying Mechanical Engineering at engineering school, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Metiers.

Why Ruben chose Cranfield

Ruben chose Cranfield because of its cutting-edge facilities and well-qualified academics. The MSc in Advanced Materials appealed to him because he was always really inquisitive about the structures and components in our surroundings and wanted to have a deeper understanding of materials’ behaviour (in cars, airplanes, buildings, etc). He also did very well in this subject area during his undergraduate degree and wanted to explore this area further.

The MSc in Advanced Materials covers a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques, from metals to composites for high-performance structures. Ruben said “The lectures give deep insight into the actual stakes regarding materials, which is very helpful and interesting. Teachers are open, and I can discuss and ask questions freely.”

Day-to-day life on campus

On campus, Ruben’s day usually starts at 7am by going to the gym. He attends lectures from 9am to 5pm, with a five to 10-minute break between each lecture and a one-hour lunch break in between. Back at home, he relaxes by reading or watching videos. Depending on the workload, he works on assignments or goes to football training.

When asked about his experience studying in the UK and in particular at Cranfield University, he replied:

“It is enjoyable as I can improve my English skills in a dynamic environment. Facilities are up to date and the library has plenty of resources. Cranfield offers a variety of services outside lectures such as sports clubs, student events, and career events contributing to enhancing the global experience.”

Ruben is passionate about sports and Formula 1 and aspires to work as a structure engineer or a race team engineer in a Formula 1 Team. He understands that it is a competitive environment, but he is determined to succeed.

Advice to others thinking of studying at Cranfield 

“The materials field is very rich. If you are interested in it, Cranfield University offers the perfect opportunity to broaden your knowledge and confidence. Don’t hesitate to read articles or journals online to extend your knowledge about materials.”

Find out more about studying Advanced Materials MSc

Ruben Hrstka-Sanchez

Written By: Poonam Maini

Advanced Materials MSc student (2023-2024)

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