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Homepage / My life at Cranfield University

My life at Cranfield University


My experience here at Cranfield University has been awesome! I have always wanted to study at the prestigious Cranfield University, so this year has truly been a dream come true for me.

I first considered my options to start my MSc in March 2023 based on the following: Flexibility in start dates, choice and availability of course/programme, weather conditions, and personal preferences. Other benefits of starting my course in March 2023 is the flexibility, less competition, accelerated graduation, customised robust personalised learning experiences, access to resources, networking opportunities, specialised support from Cranfield lecturers, SAS lead, non-academic staff, and spring industry connections.

The drive to study Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc (EMMS) aims to develop the understanding of complex manufacturing systems engineering through the application of different modelling and simulation tools techniques and methodologies, with the view to analyse and re-design manufacturing systems that maximise value. As a matter of fact, the course EMMS is all-encompassing from analysing production processes and managing materials, energy, transportation, supply chain and labour. The use of computer-aided design – CAD software to design manufacturing systems and give advice on the best available technologies with procedures to manufacture a product.

Life at Cranfield is something a student who is aiming to achieve greatness should look forward to! From living on campus, will enable you to be focused and offer you a great opportunity to meet with colleagues from other countries. I experience a serene environment with students from diverse cultures from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia in a multi-cultural atmosphere. My coursemates and I work together as a team with sound collaboration during and after coursework and group project.

I have enjoyed the academic support from my lecturers with robust lecture materials. The lecturers are first-class tutors with vast hands-on industrial experience. The lecturers on my course are accommodating and have top-notch relationship skills, cocooned with learning capabilities. I have wanted to study at Cranfield University since 2015, as I have known about the university’s high ranking and renowned reputation in the world for Aerospace and Transport management, and its School of Management is second to none. Cranfield University’s learning process is enhanced with superb 21st-century state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Weekends are a time when I meet with my Nigerian friends, as I belong to several Nigeran societies here on campus and outside campus. During the weekend, I dine and mingle with friends of like minds and discuss life after Cranfield and what is in for us. I have always believed that ‘the people you meet during your successful active career days are most likely the people that will build up your career network, and that’s what life gives you’.

I look forward to updating you on my thesis project and future career plans in the next few months, when I begin to near the end of my MSc and time here at Cranfield.

Goodbye for now…

Chuks Okoro

Written By: Alice Kirkaldy

Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc student

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