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Homepage / My experience on Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc

My experience on Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc


Hello! My name is Sushant and I began pursuing my MSc in Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems at Cranfield University in March 2022.

Prior to Cranfield, I worked for 4 years in the aerospace manufacturing sector in India with TATA Advanced Systems Limited. When considering master’s programs abroad, the 1-year timeline of MSc in UK was a major advantage. As a working professional, I could swiftly upskill without excessive time away from my career.

Cranfield University has great and long-standing industrial connections with a range of world leading and renowned organisations. These connections have a direct impact on the teaching and experience on the Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc. The hands-on curriculum engages students through a range of assignments, from exams to collaborative projects, covering fundamental topics like operations management and supply chain management as well as emerging technologies like ERP systems and IoT in manufacturing. A key focus is developing leadership abilities and real-world experience. For example, students undertake a group project in collaboration with a partner company/research hubs to solve a business challenge. This provides hands-on practice leading complex initiatives, stakeholder engagement, and delivering impactful solutions.

My experience as a Cranfield student has been wonderful. Campus life is vibrant, with recreational facilities available to us here on campus, such as a big sports field, a gym, a shop, restaurants, and cafes. The Cranfield Students Association hosts lots of events throughout the year as well as organised trips around the UK, they also have lots of different societies that you can be a part of, and these range subject related to sports to hobbies.

I would say my Cranfield University experience has been a well-rounded year and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to step up in their career.

I look forward to updating you soon as I come to the end of my MSc and time at Cranfield and look to the future.

Sushant Bargotra

Written By: Alice Kirkaldy

Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc, 2023

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