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Homepage / From Culinary Adventures to Cutting-Edge Tech: My Journey in Metal Additive Manufacturing

From Culinary Adventures to Cutting-Edge Tech: My Journey in Metal Additive Manufacturing


They say you have to travel far for the good stuff, and that certainly held true for me. Once, I embarked on a 200-mile journey just to savour a specific dish! My most recent journey, however, has been that of pursuing postgraduate study at Cranfield University, through to today working for WAAM3D, a global leader In WAAM technology and solutions. In this blog post, I share my experience of doing a postgraduate degree in Metal Additive Manufacturing at Cranfield University. I discuss my motivations for choosing this program, the highlights of my studies, and how it has impacted my career and personal growth. I also offer advice to anyone considering this field.

Coming to the UK in 2021 to pursue this specific specialisation was a decision I haven’t regretted. After researching various programs worldwide, the MSc at Cranfield stood out due to its focus on wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), its exceptional lab facilities, and its expert teaching team.

My passion for manufacturing technologies, fuelled by my prior industry experience, made this course a perfect fit. The practical nature of the program allowed me to directly apply the acquired knowledge to my current role. The highlights? Undoubtedly, the top-notch lab facilities and the opportunity to learn from incredibly knowledgeable and supportive supervisors.

A typical day on campus involved traveling from my off-campus accommodation to attend lectures. The rest of the day would be spent in the well-equipped library, catching up on assignments, collaborating with classmates on projects, or simply engaging in discussions. Evenings were for unwinding with friends at the student association or catching a movie on Fridays.

Adapting to life in the UK from India wasn’t without its challenges, but the overall experience has been enriching. Working with people from diverse backgrounds has broadened my understanding of different cultures. Cranfield provided me with the platform to explore various areas and solidify my interests and passions.

My aspirations lie in continuously honing my knowledge and technical skills across various sectors of the industry. Ultimately, I aim to leverage these skills to contribute to improving human life and alleviating suffering. Sharing the knowledge I’ve gained through teaching is also a future goal, once I feel fully equipped to do so.

My current role at WAAM3D is exactly what I studied for. It’s interesting, challenging, and most importantly, it helps me expand my knowledge in the field of metal additive manufacturing.

For anyone considering this course, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s a field with immense potential and significant industry demand. My advice? Embrace unconventional thinking and seize this exciting opportunity!

Study Metal Additive Manufacturing MSc
“Embrace unconventional thinking and seize this exciting opportunity!”

Aravindh Kumaran

Written By: Poonam Maini

Aravindh has a passion for manufacturing technologies since working in the industry and understands the necessity of metal additive manufacturing.

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