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Homepage / Becoming an Additive Manufacturing Engineer: Hassan Esmaeili’s Story

Becoming an Additive Manufacturing Engineer: Hassan Esmaeili’s Story


Hassan Esmaeili has been an Additive Manufacturing Engineer at Cranfield University since graduating from Cranfield with a Welding Engineering MSc in 2023. He came to the UK from Iran with his family and is enjoying his time here whilst working.

Why Hassan chose Cranfield University
Despite having a solid career background, Hassan’s dream since high school was to be involved in the manufacturing industry. Over time there has been a significant shift from traditional subtractive manufacturing methods to additive manufacturing methods, which motivated him to apply to Cranfield University because of our renowned scholars and their contributions.

His decision to choose Cranfield over other offers was influenced by three main factors: his desire to study this course, the university’s strong ties to industry, and our impressive ranking and reputation.

Hassan admits that finishing an MSc degree in one year was a difficult task. However, it was an unforgettable experience. The Welding Engineering MSc course covers topics important to the field. However, the focus at Cranfield is more on industrial projects, which are offered as group projects and individual projects. Everyone has the opportunity to excel in their soft skills and delve more into the real issues of industrial partners.

Life at Cranfield
Hassan decided to reside off-campus and on-campus, he was particularly impressed with the facilities like restaurants, cafés, and shops, as well as the library and laboratories. The thing that fascinated him the most was the library that operates 24/7 and he felt it is a cosy place to work at your own pace.

After completing his course, he was offered a job as an Additive Manufacturing Engineer and is working with different materials and manufacturing methods, tackling real manufacturing challenges.

Hassan chose to study in the UK because of its diverse and inclusive learning environment, and students are exposed to various perspectives and cultures, fostering a global outlook. In addition, Hasan feels UK universities tend to have stronger links with industry partners and can provide students with valuable networking opportunities. Hasan also feels that the supportive academic community, accessible faculty, and extensive library and research resources create a positive and engaging learning atmosphere.

Hassan’s future aspirations are:
“As industries increasingly embrace advanced manufacturing technologies, the role of additive manufacturing engineers becomes pivotal in driving innovation and efficiency. Their work contributes to the development of lightweight and high-performance components and facilitates sustainable practices through reduced material waste. Honestly, I believe the possibilities for innovation and career growth in this field are truly limitless.”

Hassan’s advice to anyone thinking about studying at Cranfield University:
“I would advise them to follow their passions as this would keep their motivation high enough to achieve breakthroughs. It is never too late to pursue their dreams, redefine their goals, and embark on new adventures.”

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Hassan Esmaeili

Written By: Poonam Maini

Hassan Esmaeili is an Additive Manufacturing Engineer at Cranfield University

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