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Homepage / Our Cardiff study tour – an incredible experience that goes beyond academic learning

Our Cardiff study tour – an incredible experience that goes beyond academic learning


My name is Hyelni David Malgwi, originally from Nigeria. I am currently pursuing a master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I recently had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a study tour to Cardiff, which  was not only a learning adventure but also a great way to connect with my peers.

Our journey began with a visit to the John Lewis warehouse, where we observed a seamless blend of theory and practice. Witnessing the logistics operations first-hand was enlightening, showing us the practical aspects of our coursework in a real-world setting. Next, we made a brief stop in Oxford for some sightseeing, adding a cultural touch to our educational trip.

In Cardiff, one of the highlights was our tour of the Royal Mint, it was fascinating to see the detailed process of turning metal into money, understanding the craftsmanship behind every coin.

Adding a personal touch to the visit, I even had the opportunity to make my own coin, which was a unique and memorable experience.

Our educational exploration continued at Cardiff University’s Remaker Centre, where we were amazed by the advanced 3D printing technology used for producing custom ear plugs and dental equipment. The visit underscored the potential and versatility of 3D printing in modern manufacturing.

We also toured two different warehouses: the automated John Lewis warehouse and the manually operated Spree Tail warehouse. This comparison provided us with a clear perspective on the various operational models in the logistics and supply chain industry.


Apart from the educational visits, we enjoyed touring some local breweries, which was not only fun but also a great way for us to bond further.

We capped off our tour with a delightful dinner at Culley’s restaurant, where we shared experiences and stories from our time together.

One of the most valuable aspects of this tour was the opportunity to see automated and manual warehouse operations up close. This practical insight is something I can directly apply to my studies and future career in logistics.

Moreover, the relaxed settings of the tour allowed for excellent networking. Engaging with my peers outside the classroom helped strengthen friendships and broaden my professional connections.

Overall, the Cardiff study tour was an incredible experience that went beyond academic learning. It offered a blend of cultural exposure, practical insights, and valuable networking opportunities.

For future students, I highly recommend taking part in these tours to enrich your academic journey and enjoy a well-deserved break from the usual routine!



Hyelni Malgwi

Written By: Tammie Argent-Peters

Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc Student

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