For those of you using standards in your work, these have to be cited and referenced just like any other source you use. In this post we’ll look briefly at how to do both.


First your reference. The bibliographic details you need to reference a standard are as follows:

  • Authorising organisation
  • (Year of publication)
  • Number: Title (in italics)
  • Place of Publication: Publisher (for printed standards only)
  • Available at: URL / DOI (for standards retrieved online)
  • (Accessed: date) (for standards retrieved online)

So an example reference for a standard would look like this:

British Standards Institution (2015) BS EN ISO 14001:2015: Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use. Available at: (Accessed: 23 February 2017).

In-text citations:

Where you make reference to this item in your text, follow the normal ‘name and date’ conventions and simply follow any mention with (British Standards Institution, 2015) or a variation thereon.

As always, if you have any questions about referencing or citations, please contact MIRC or the Kings Norton Library.

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