Datastream users, did you know that you can produce charts using the Datastream Excel add-in? No? Well, check out the Datastream Charting function on the PCs in MIRC and the SoM Computer Studio.


Charts tab in Excel

Clicking on ‘Chart’ on the Excel Datastream tab will take you into the Charts homepage displaying today’s pre-defined chart.

To the left of the screen, you will see the ‘Series and Dates’ menus provided to create your own customised charts. Plenty of help is available – should you need it – and if it’s inspiration you seek, templates are available for many popular functions.

Datastream Charting


Clicking on the ‘Key Indicators’ tab will take you to a list of key indicators by country. Just select the country you require from the dropdown menu, as shown below. Chart any of these instantly via the chart icon to the left-hand-side of each.

datastream charting economic


If you need the data behind the charts, you can access this by clicking on the ‘Data’ tab at the top right of your chart. Once created, customised charts can be exported to Microsoft Powerpoint, Word or Excel (please note that you will be prompted to save the chart in your Chart Library first if you have not already done so).

Video help is also available from the Thomson Reuters site.

Need more help? Contact MIRC.

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