We are excited to announce that the new APA7 Author-Date Referencing Guide has been completed and is available to view on your local Library website:

We will be teaching the new APA Author-Date style to all new students starting from September 2021 onwards whose course has previously used the Cranfield Author-Date style. If you are a Course Director/Module Leader, we hope you will support this move by asking your students to use the APA7 Author-Date style in their work. We have written a “cheat sheet” of the key differences between the two styles to help you mark assignments. If you haven’t already received a copy, please contact us for one.

Please note that this move does not affect students and courses who use the Cranfield Numbered Style, or students who started their studies before September 2021 and who use the existing Cranfield Author-Date style. These students and courses will continue to be supported with the style they are currently using. This includes students currently writing up their theses.

You might ask why have we made this change? There are many benefits to moving to APA7, some of which you can read about in our June blog post: Changing our referencing style from Cranfield Author-Date to APA7

The APA7 Author-Date style is well-supported and there is further guidance available at:

APA7 is also supported by Mendeley. To add this style to Mendeley Reference Manager, simply go to the list of citation styles in the Mendeley Cite add-in and select “American Psychological Association 7th edition.”

If you have any questions about the move to APA7, or about the style itself, please contact your Information Specialist or Library Service.

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