Getting high quality research fast can often prove problematic. Bloomberg provides analysis on a wide range of financial topics relating to companies, industries and countries amongst other things. Check out the Bloomberg Intelligence function <BI> on the terminal.

To keep you informed, Bloomberg have pulled together key facts and figures to create a series of primers. Primers are available for industries and companies, countries and commodities and cover key fundamentals and drivers along with essential data to keep you up to date.

To start exploring, head to the Bloomberg Intelligence Primers page, <BIP>, which lists all the primers available. Browse or search to find the primer of your choice.

If it’s companies you’re interested in, be aware that not all companies have a primer yet. From within any company on Bloomberg, the code <BICO> will take you directly to its primer (if available). Check out coverage here.

For further information on Bloomberg services, check out our other posts or ask for further help from a member of the MIRC team.

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