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Homepage / How do I reference a blog post… in the APA7 style?

How do I reference a blog post… in the APA7 style?


Logging in from off campus

Although blog posts may be opinion-based they can provide interesting personal insights into a topic or subject. You may find a company blog post which discusses recent trends in a particular industry. If you wish to use a blog post in an assignment it is worth checking first with your tutor if it’s considered academic enough to include. Once you decide to use it, how should you reference it…

To reference blog posts in APA7, you need the following referencing elements:

  • Author details – in the format Surname, Initials. (this may be an organisation)
  • Publication date in full – in the format (year, month day) within a set of round brackets.
  • Post title.
  • Blog title.
  • URL / DOI – if accessed online

Each element of the reference needs to be separated from the next by a full-stop and a space.

So, a blog post reference would look like this:

Georgieva, K. (2019, December 2). The Adaptive Age. IMF Blog.

Remember that APA7 references should all be formatted with a hanging indent.

Your in-text citations (where you refer to the article within your text) would simply include the author’s surname and the year of publication so it would look like this:

Parenthetical citation: (Georgieva, 2023) or Narrative citation: Georgieva (2023)…

Any questions about referencing? Consult our Referencing and Plagiarism pages or drop us an email here.

Please note: Cranfield supports two different referencing styles – APA7 (Author-date) and Numbered (NLM). Please make sure you use the style preferred by your supervisor or lecturer. The advice above relates only to the APA7 style. If you have any questions about referencing, please contact the Library.

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Tracey Nunn

Written By: Tracey Nunn

A Business Librarian since 2006, Tracey leads support for taught MSc courses in the School of Management Library.

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