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Homepage / Unlock your full searching potential with a personal account in EBSCO or ProQuest

Unlock your full searching potential with a personal account in EBSCO or ProQuest


Some of our journal-searching resources include features that are only available when you have registered for an individual account. These features can help you to:

  • Save time
  • Document your work
  • Keep up to date.

Sound interesting? Keep reading!

Save Time

You can save time by automating some aspects of your searching. If you find a search that produces particularly valuable results, try saving that search and setting up a search alert. When you set up a search alert you will be emailed links to any new material that matches your search. This means it’s not necessary re-run your searches. It’s an excellent and efficient way of making sure you have the most up-to-date material.

Document your work

Sometimes it’s useful to be able to save and return to searches or content that you have found particularly useful. This functionality is usually only available when using a personal account.

In ProQuest One Business ‘…you can save, manage, and organize the content and supporting materials you find and create…’
You can ‘Create folders to save and manage documents you find relevant to your research.’
Here’s an overview of the functionality available.

In Business Source Complete (EBSCO) you can ‘…save search results, persistent links to searches, … and web pages to your personal MyEBSCO folder’.
Here’s some guidance on using your personal area (folder) within EBSCO.

Keep up to date

You can keep up to date by setting up alerts. Alerts are emails that contain links to content such as:

  • your successful searches
  • journal and publication tables of contents.

Both Business Source Complete (EBSCO) and ProQuest One Business have this functionality.

Is there anything else that I might find useful?

ProQuest One Business also offers RSS feeds and you can export up to 20,000 results at any one time – really useful if you are doing a structured or systematic literature review.


Have we persuaded you that registering for your own account is worthwhile? If so, here’s how to do it…

Within ProQuest One Business it is necessary to register for ‘My Research’

Screenshot of 'Create My Research Account' of ProQuest One Business

Within Business Source Complete (EBSCO) these features are available in your ‘Folder’.

screenshot of 'Folder' in EBSCO

You may need to sign in. Once signed in you’ll see a Cranfield logo:

Screenshot of Folder area once signed in

If you cannot see this area, create an account, here’s some guidance. Let us know how you get on with your own accounts!

Image by Mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

Penny Robertson

Written By: Penny Robertson

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