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Homepage / The Journey, an immersive experience in cultural diversity and exploring the corporate world in a diverse setting

The Journey, an immersive experience in cultural diversity and exploring the corporate world in a diverse setting


As an MSc in Management student, I am privileged to partake in a transformative academic experience, notably the one-month immersion in Spain, a cornerstone of our programme. Beyond the exceptional faculty comprising brilliant minds, the allure of this experience lies in its multifaceted approach. Two meticulously curated courses unfold in the historic cities of Granada, Malaga, and Valencia, offering an enriching blend of cultural heritage and corporate wisdom.


The phrase “Don’t let the classroom hold you back” resonates profoundly. In an era where traditional educational boundaries confine most students, our month in Spain defies these limitations, transcending the conventional classroom. It metamorphoses into a boundless realm, embracing diverse environments and human resources. A pivotal preparatory session, “Spain Today,” conducted by Professor María José Pérez Contreras, an esteemed cultural expert from the Centre of Modern Language, University of Granada, bridges the worlds of management and intercultural studies. Profoundly aware that language and culture are intertwined, this session underscores the enriching potential of understanding the cultural fabric of Spain alongside its language.

We visited the great Cathedral of Granada


Integral to our academic pursuits are two key modules: Effective Cross-Cultural Management and Managing Consulting, exclusively conducted in Granada (at Universidad de Granada) and Valencia (at UPV, Universitat Politècnica de València). Amidst rigorous academic engagements, we delved into Spain’s heritage, exploring marvels such as the iconic Alhambra, savouring the culinary delight of paella, and immersing ourselves in the artistry of Flamenco dance. Additionally, we visited noteworthy corporate entities, including the Valencia Street Circuit, a venue steeped in the legacy of the European Grand Prix of Formula One, and participated in the Sailing Regatta Challenge. It is impossible to sail the boat if we lack part of the team, namely the skipper, the bow, the tactician, the trimmer, and the pit. This maritime endeavour underscored the significance of teamwork, emphasising the indispensable roles of each team member.

Spain study tour

Our first time drinking traditional sangria while seeing the traditional Flamenco Dance!


Nautica Club Valencia

Nautica Club Valencia, where we first sailed our Regatta

Furthermore, our educational odyssey extended beyond the realm of theory through the Managing Consulting module, meticulously overseen by Dr. Monica Franco-Santos. This module facilitated our integration of theoretical knowledge into real-world corporate scenarios. Our collective efforts were channelled towards addressing authentic challenges posed by corporate organisations, thereby honing our practical understanding and preparing us for the complexities of the corporate landscape.


We organised a visit to the largest European aquarium, Oceanográfic, in Valencia

In retrospect, this immersive experience in Spain has not only broadened my academic horizons but has also fortified my understanding of global perspectives, strategic management, and collaborative teamwork. It embodies holistic education, blending theoretical mastery with real-world applicability, thereby shaping us into adept professionals prepared to navigate the intricacies of the global business landscape.


Visiting Alhambra

Managing Consulting Module

In the final stages of the Managing Consulting Module, clients selected our Learning Team’s practical Go-To-Market strategy.


Thanaphon Watthanananwanit

Written By: Lina Mitchell

(Management MSc, 2023) alumnus

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