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Not a tick-box but everybody’s business


As the countdown to the 2030 sustainability milestones draws closer, the Edie 24 conference emerges as a beacon of reflection and progress. With just 69 months remaining, the burning question lingers: are we on course?

The event commenced with an electrifying address from Jim Skea, Chair of the IPCC, who ignited the room with the latest scientific insights. It’s abundantly clear: merely quoting reduction strategies won’t suffice to meet the Paris Agreement’s ambitious targets. Climate action isn’t a mere checkbox; it’s a collective imperative, echoing in every corner of society.

“Turning Vision into Reality”

Initiating from the Strategy Stage, discussions revolved around the critical role of politics in charting the course towards climate resilience. Calls echoed for governmental action to address the grid challenge, foster wider adoption of green technologies, and champion robust political leadership. Amidst the myriad of sessions, one particularly impactful discourse delved into the power of purpose, passionately delivered by Charmain Love from Natura. Her poignant reminder that individual actions have significant transformative power struck a chord, highlighting the importance of advocacy, cultural shifts, and communal co-creation in building resilience. Additionally, catalysing change around circularity emerged as a central theme, guided by Aisha Stenning from Ellen MacArthur Foundation. In a subtle discussion, the focus broadens to encompass policy reforms, coalition-building, and incentivization strategies to instigate meaningful behavioural shifts.

“Accelerating the Transformation”

The Net Zero Stage ignited intense discussions around supply chain challenges, notably the complexities of measuring Scope 3 emissions. Led by Shaun Spiers, Executive Director of Green Alliance, panels unanimously underscored the necessity for collective bargaining, robust infrastructure budgets, collaborative efforts with competitors, and forward-thinking roadmaps surpassing regulatory norms. An insight emerged: transitioning to sustainability demands strategic planning beyond mere compliance or reporting. Mike Barry, as the discussion’s moderator, urged us to explore all avenues, advocating for discomfort as a catalyst for transformative growth.


“Making it Happen”

One of the most captivating moments on the Action Stage was Adam Elman’s presentation on “AI for Good,” a visionary initiative advancing innovation and accessibility. From cutting-edge flood forecasting to methane leak identification and environmental insights driving data-driven decisions, Elman’s insights herald a new era of sustainable technology. Additionally, Tom Byrne from British Airways shared their ambitious mission to invest in the aircraft of tomorrow, including the pursuit of hydrogen-electric engines for commercial aviation, signalling a bold step towards greener skies.

In conclusion, the chance to gather first-hand insights from sustainability experts and leaders across various sectors is truly priceless. As we strive to make meaningful contributions to climate action, let’s harness the wealth of knowledge shared at Edie and continue our journey towards a more sustainable future. Stay updated by subscribing to their newsletter, and let’s work together to drive positive change. A heartfelt thank you to Cranfield University and the School of Management for facilitating this invaluable opportunity for learning and growth.

Maria Anastasia De Souza

Written By: Tammie Argent-Peters

Management and Corporate Sustainability MSc 2024

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