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Homepage / Life on campus with a family

Life on campus with a family


Here at Cranfield University, we provide a safe and supportive environment for students to bring their families with them when they come to study with us. Our current students share their thoughts on living on campus with their family/partner.

Elnaz Dashchi, current student, Strategic Marketing MSc

Elnaz came to study with us in September 2022 and moved into our on-campus accommodation in the same month.

“After I got accepted, the fact that I could stay on campus with my partner and it was only a five-minute walk to my lectures motivated me to choose Cranfield.

Fedden House, the accommodation for couples on campus, is cost-effective and the bills are included which allows us to budget much better.

We often use the Uno bus to go to Bedford and Milton Keynes. It’s only a five-minute walk to the bus stop from Fedden house, the bus has a convenient timetable and will take you to the most popular city areas like the shopping centre, park, train station etc.

After we moved here my partner started looking for employment, and in just two weeks he got a job. Although it is a casual job right now, he works in a well-known company. Finding a casual job is easy in Milton Keynes or Bedford.”

Fedden House is one of our on-campus accommodation blocks of studio apartments ideal for couples without children. Applicants are encouraged to email our accommodation team at for more information on availability.


Nina Binaei, Research Student


“I moved from Iran to begin my studies at Cranfield in 2020, during the COVID pandemic. I was very lucky because I got on really well with my housemates and we became friends. After I got married I moved to Fedden House which is the accommodation for couples.

I was the CSA Officer and Student Ambassador and worked at Open Days so I got to know a lot of other students from different communities.

One of the good things about living on campus is that we feel really safe. There are times when I am studying until late in the office or the library but no matter what time it is, I feel safe walking back to my accommodation. The atmosphere is very friendly and there are always lots of people around who are really friendly and easy to talk to.”


Ojas Chopra, current student, Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc

“I moved to the UK in September 2022 to pursue my masters. It is was a big move from my home in India.

Before deciding to stay at Fedden House, we carefully weighed up the costs of living on-campus versus private renting off-campus. We conducted thorough research and found that the accommodation cost at Fedden House was considerably lower compared to the private rental options available outside the university. The proximity to the campus also means that we have easy access to all the facilities and services that the university has to offer.

Furthermore, since all utilities such as council tax, water, and electricity are included in the rent, we do not have to worry about additional bills or expenses.

While the availability of suitable accommodation for couples was an important factor in our decision to study at Cranfield, it was not the only consideration. We were also drawn to Cranfield because of its reputation as a top-ranked institution in our field of study, as well as the quality of its faculty, research opportunities, and industry partnerships.

Furthermore, the university offers various financial aid programmes to eligible students, such as scholarships, grants, and bursaries, which can help cover tuition fees and living expenses. Overall, we have found the cost of living benefits offered by the university to be a valuable resource, enabling us to save on costs and focus on our studies.”

The university offers a range of support services, including counselling and mental health services, academic support, and career advice. These services are available to partners to help them overcome any challenges they may face during their transition to campus life.

The Cranfield Students Association manages a diverse array of clubs, each catering to a unique community.

“As an individual with a keen interest in learning about different cultures, I found it rewarding to join these clubs. Through these clubs, I was able to immerse myself in a rich tapestry of cultures, interact with people from different backgrounds, and broaden my perspectives. There are regular events for families and partners on campus.”

The university provides a range of resources and support for students seeking employment, including job fairs, networking events, and career advice services.

“We have found the support and guidance provided by the university to be extremely helpful and reassuring, making our transition to campus life much smoother and more comfortable. We feel fortunate to be part of such a welcoming community.”


Tolulope Falope, Research Student


“I moved to Cranfield in March 2021; my family then came over the following month. We moved here from Nigeria. I chose to study at Cranfield because of my degree subject area. When I looked at Cranfield University, I saw that it had close links with industry and that it was a reputable institution.

I chose to live on campus so that I didn’t have to worry about the commute and to be close to the university’s facilities. I find that living on campus with my family is cheaper than if we were living off campus. The accommodation meets our needs, and I am comfortable here. The Facilities Team, are really responsive and have come to fix any problems that we have had in the house.

Through the CSA, I have joined the football team, there is a church in Cranfield, and I joined the Nigerian society, so I feel part of a community. I have also been able to form relationships with my colleagues.”




Coming to study at Cranfield University with your partner or your family?

If you’re thinking of coming to Cranfield with your partner or family, we aim to provide comprehensive information and advice to help you to plan ahead – especially if you are travelling to the UK from another country to help make the move as easy as possible.

Bringing your family to Cranfield

Cranfield School of Management

Written By: Lina Mitchell

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