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Homepage / A plethora of practical, real-world insights, and academic horizons!

A plethora of practical, real-world insights, and academic horizons!


I embarked on an exhilarating four-day educational journey to Cardiff, a city teeming with history and innovation. This tour not only widened my academic horizons but also provided a plethora of practical, real-world insights into the logistics and supply chain management industry.

Day one

Our tour began with a visit to the GXO Waitrose Warehouse, immersing us in the complex world of logistics. We had a fascinating dialogue with Mr. Eben Hanekom, Operational Head, gaining insights into the operations. Later that day, we explored the historic Oxford, absorbing its academic heritage and architectural beauty.

Day two

The next morning took us to the Royal Mint Museum in Cardiff, where we delved into centuries of coin-making history. Our afternoon was spent at a local brewery near Cardiff Castle, where we learned about the fine craft of beer brewing. The day culminated with a delightful group dinner at the regal Culley’s Restaurant, where we indulged in exquisite local cuisine.

Day three

We visited Cardiff University’s ReMaker Space to explore innovative 3D printing technologies and sustainable practices. Afterwards, we ventured to Cardiff Bay, where the impressive Cardiff Bay Barrage offered breath-taking views and insights into one of Europe’s largest civil engineering projects during a memorable ferry ride. We concluded the day with a lively exploration of local restaurants and ice cream shops at the bay.

Day four

On our final day back to university, we travelled to Milton Keynes for an inspiring visit to the Mercedes warehouse. This visit highlighted the sophisticated automation in logistics, providing a real-world context that fuelled myenthusiasm for the automotive industry.

The highlight for me was undoubtedly the visit to the Mercedes warehouse in Milton Keynes. As a fervent automobile enthusiast, witnessing the seamless integration of automation and logistics in action was nothing short of awe-inspiring!

An educational journey

This study tour was an extraordinary educational journey, illuminating the operational, technological, and strategic aspects of logistics and supply chain management.

Observing real-time logistics operations at the GXO Waitrose and Mercedes warehouses showcased advanced technologies and efficiency optimizations in inventory and distribution.

Our visit to Cardiff University’s ReMaker Space revealed the potential of 3D printing in sustainable manufacturing, offering insights into environmentally friendly production practices.

The Royal Mint Museum provided a cultural and economic context to our learning, enhancing our understanding of the socio-economic impacts of logistical practices.

Interactions with industry leaders like Mr. Eben Hanekom and teams at various sites bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation, enriching our professional outlook and critical thinking skills.

This holistic educational experience has profoundly enriched my academic foundation and equipped me with practical skills that are crucial for my future career in logistics and supply chain management.

Vaishnav Deshmukh

Written By: Tammie Argent-Peters

Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc 2023/24

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