Who said that a business is only run from an office, sitting all day in front of your computer and answering calls for a hundred stakeholders? It is well known that the best deals are sealed over meals. Last night we definitely had the opportunity to experience that part of business networking that is so little mentioned in books but it is sometimes critical for success. The Business Development Director and the Vice-President of King Pac took us to DND, an amazing restaurant and club owned by the latter. We had the opportunity to enjoy rich Thai food, different Thai drinks and get involved in the Thai nightlife with some live music, both at the bar and the club. We could not be more grateful to them for the experience and making us feel so welcome in Thailand.

The hard bit of business nights out networking is that sometimes you still need to get to the office in the morning. This was our case, as at 7.45am we departed from the hotel to visit Ducati. At the factory, it was impressive to see how different motorbike manufacturing can be from automotive. Most of us were quite surprised by this as these differences, which ranged from the set out of the plant, to the stock management policies, to the transportation requirements and to the organisation of the assembly lines.

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