Defence industry information can be quite difficult to find so we wanted to highlight some useful sources for those of you doing research in the area.

MarketLine Advantage has defence industry profiles for roughly 60 countries worldwide. These should give you a good starting point on the industry and will normally include a Porter’s Five Forces analysis. Remember that the service also includes profiles for larger companies so these may also be useful. Reports can be read on-screen or downloaded to pdf.

MarketLine is really easy to use.

Thomson One, like MarketLine, also includes a variety of defence-focused content within its Research portfolio via reports by Strategic Defence Intelligence. armour-russiaStrategic Defence Intelligence publish a wide variety of reports on both countries’ defence industries and specific markets such as armoured vehicles, submarines, electronic warfare and C4ISR, alongside reports on related companies like Pratt & Whitney, BAE Systems and Qinetiq to name just a few. The easiest way to access these is to select Screening & Analysis > Research from the top level menu.

    • When you reach the search screen, find the search box for ‘contributor’ (under ‘More Options’) and click on the looking glass symbol.
    • Enter the words ‘strategic defence intelligence’ and when the results appear, click to add them all into your search.
    • If you have a specific country or industry in mind or a set date range for publications, now is the time to add these into your search.
    • When you are ready, click to search.  Results will be displayed beneath the search screen.
  • Click on any title and select ‘View all reports’ to read on-screen or download to pdf.


To use Thomson One you need to use Internet Explorer and disable the popup blocker.

BMI Research contains country-by-country reports on Defence and Security. These include information on defence, the armed forces and national security and include a SWOT analysis on the sector. Definitely worth a look.

The Military Balance is another service that’s well worth looking at. It is available within Taylor & Francis.  Use the search box on the home page. Published annually by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, each volume provides assessments of military capability and defence economics for countries worldwide. Entries list countries’ military organisations, personnel, equipment inventories and relevant economic and demographic data. Also included is region-by-region analysis of major economic developments affecting defence and security and trade in weapons and other military equipment.military balance2

Access to various other subscription resources that may be useful is provided via our MBA(D) support page.  If there’s anything that you are unable to find, please contact us.

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