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Homepage / Studying an MSc in Counterterrorism: Perspective on the course and advice on scholarships.

Studying an MSc in Counterterrorism: Perspective on the course and advice on scholarships.


How it’s Going:

As an international student, I started the MSc Counterterrorism (CT) to further my professional development within the Jamaican armed forces. Having served within intelligence, training, and operational roles I sought a deeper understanding of terrorism, an increasingly significant global threat.

Despite many countries investing in CT strategies; the realities of climate change (driving migration, poverty, and inequality), advances in AI and the surge in use of commercial off the shelf technology (e.g. drones) suggest that there is much more to be done to develop effective and efficient CT strategies.

Research (within the context of what is relevant to industry and state policy development) is critical; the MSc In CT fills this gap.

Additionally, recent attacks in Europe have opened discourse regarding greater roles for the private sector in countering and responding to acts of terrorism. If you are passionate about this and other applications of counterterrorism research, now is an ideal time to pursue postgraduate studies in CT as a scholar, practitioner, or both.

Modules and Experience:

Counterterrorism student standing outside of Forensic Institute building

Cranfield University is the only UK university with a MSc in CT that exposes students to academic research within terrorism studies as they benefit from access to UK MOD facilities at the Shrivenham Campus. The connections to the Defence and security industry are second-to-none, covering areas such as risk management and mitigation, cyberterrorism, negotiation, law, CBRN and C-IED.

I pursued the Counterterrorism only stream because it allowed me greater flexibility in selecting modules from Cranfield Forensics Institute such as Ballistics and Firearms Investigation but also Risk Management and Mitigation modules. I truly feel I have the best of both (academic and industry) worlds pursuing this MSc.

Why Scholarships are Important:

For those seeking financial assistance to begin the Programme; the CFI offers a Counterterrorism Excellence Scholarship for International, EU and UK students. I was fortunate to benefit from the Counterterrorism Excellence Scholarship for International Students as well as the Chevening Scholarship 2022/23.

For international students, the Chevening and Commonwealth Scholarships are also available for the 2024/25 cycle. Don’t hesitate to start your application process now. Plan, prepare and commit yourself to you goals. It’s all up to you and the effort you invest in yourself.

Having started my thesis project in April, I have a greater appreciation of my personal and professional biases as it relates to terrorism/counterterrorism research.I look forward to sharing more details about my project with you in my next blog.

Thanks for taking the time.

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MSc Counterterrorism

Richard Robinson

Written By: Cormac Mcmanus

Richard Robinson is an International student from the Jamaican Armed Forces, studying on Cranfield University's MSc for Counterterrorism. Richard received the full sums of the Counterterrorism Academic excellence scholarship and the Chevening and Commonwealth scholarship.

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