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Homepage / From Design Thinking to Dyson…

From Design Thinking to Dyson…


I undertook the MDes Design Thinking course to prepare me for the dynamic and challenging environment by having the tools, techniques and strategies in place when working in industry. Receiving the Brian Meredith Scholarship has enabled to me to realise how resourceful I can with be and to have more confidence in my understanding.

Making friends on the course has been one of the highlights for me, as I have learnt so much and been challenged in the way that perceived the design and aspects of life. In terms of the course content, I believe the group project as I feel I really started to understand how much collaboration can achieve and how to navigate group dynamics and make compromises. Also, thesis project as I was able to achieve things such as contacting a lot of leading authorities on my topic area, which helped me realised how to persevere and be resilient to achieve my aims.

I am now working as a Graduate Design Engineer at Dyson, currently on my first rotation in NPI (New Product Innovation) Floorcare. Before starting at Cranfield University, I showcased my undergraduate final project at New Designers 2022 where I spoke with Dyson who were interested in the skills I had developed on my undergraduate course and in my final year project, from which I was asked to do an interview and able to be selected the role.

Having worked at Dyson for over a month, I have learnt a lot and have been challenged not only on my knowledge and technical skills as a designer, but also on my self-awareness. For which I have found the self-reflection undertaken has helped to continue to develop myself. Looking forward, I am excited to self-development as part of the graduate programme modules, meeting new people, having new experiences, making mistakes, and learning from them to be able to show what I am capable of.

Isabelle Biggs

Written By: Autumn Handscombe

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