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Homepage / Studying Counterterrorism as a Santander Scholar

Studying Counterterrorism as a Santander Scholar


Cranfield Boeing 737-800

Sadie Stewart joins Cranfield as a Santander Scholar to study Counterterrorism MSc. Sadie studied Law LLB at the University of Nottingham, graduating this year (2023) and discovered an interest in counterterrorism after completing an online course about the theory and practice of the subject.

Here Sadie shares why she chose Cranfield and what she’s looking forward to the most this academic year.

Sadie Stewart in a graduation gown at the University of Nottingham

Sadie Stewart graduating from the University of Nottingham

“Hi, I’m Sadie and I’m originally from Scotland. Although I enjoyed studying law at the undergraduate level, I have always had an interest in defence and the role of national security within the UK. After I completed an online course in counterterrorism, I wanted to research further into the subject and Cranfield in particular has a vast range of unique modules that cannot be found at any other universities in the UK, so it felt amazing to be awarded the Santander Scholarship to pursue my studies of Counterterrorism MSc at Cranfield.

“The scholarship has opened up many new opportunities for me, and I am excited to attend any Santander Scholar events throughout the year and make the most of the Santander Scholarships Learning Room. It includes a variety of online courses which will be very valuable to helping me develop the skills needed to launch my career.

“The practical focus of the modules at Cranfield was a key factor for me choosing this University, whereas other UK universities offer counterterrorism courses based primarily around research in preparation for a research career, Cranfield offers a qualification which proves just as valuable to a career outside of academia. When I attended the Open Day, the campus drew me in. I was able to see the many unique and innovative facilities that Cranfield has to offer.

“Although I am not an aerospace student, I found the airport and the planes very impressive as that is definitely not something you can come across at any other UK university.

“As a Formula 1 fan I was also very impressed by the motorsport facilities such as the simulator and the Mercedes AMG Petronas car which is displayed on campus.

Front of Mercedes car on campus

Mercedes AMG Petronas car

Mercedes F1 car on campus.

“During my time at Cranfield, I am most excited about studying a wide variety of different optional modules this year, including some delivered at the Shrivenham campus and some delivered by the forensics department. I am particularly looking forward to studying modules such as Counter Improvised Explosive Device Capability and Forensic Exploitation and Intelligence.

“The ability to take modules based at the Shrivenham campus on the Ministry of Defence site is also an amazing opportunity that is unique to Cranfield. I am particularly looking forward to studying the Counter Improvised Explosive Device Capability module there later in the year.

“Once I graduate from Cranfield I hope to start working in the field of defence and security. There is a myriad of opportunities available with a Counterterrorism MSc, so I am excited to start looking through all the options and finding the right career path for me, whether in the private or public sector.

“Studying a variety of different modules throughout this upcoming year will hopefully help me find my particular area of interest and guide my career choices. I am also planning to attend some defence and security lectures and conferences in the coming months in order to broaden my knowledge of the sector and get a better idea of the real life applications of the concepts we discuss in class.”

We’re excited to follow Sadie’s student journey and see what she gets up to #OnlyAtCranfield

Study Counterterrorism MSc
Sadie Stewart in a graduation gown at the University of Nottingham

Sadie Stewart

Written By: Zoe Nimmo

Counterterrorism MSc student (2023-24)

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