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Homepage / My Apprenticeship Journey – The Final Stages

My Apprenticeship Journey – The Final Stages


Be the change you want to see

Amy Deeprose, Systems Thinking Consultant at insurance company Allianz, is in the final stages of the two-year part-time Systems Thinking Practice Apprenticeship.

She said: “I had been at Allianz for 16 years and was getting frustrated at how little influence I could have over the things I saw as needing to change within the organisation. Moving into my current role and signing up to the Cranfield apprenticeship, I hoped to make a difference as well as gain something personally from the opportunity to study in a new area.

“Coming out of my first degree, I had always intended to go back into study, but I fell into a role in insurance and that got put on the backburner, so I was absolutely ecstatic to get the chance to go back to university. I turn 40 this year and I never thought at this age I would go back to university, but I grabbed the opportunity with both hands.”

Challenging yourself

Amy had a lot to contend with during her studies, including a new role in a new team that grew rapidly from just three people to 22.

“I went through a lot of change,” she remembers. “But the university side was actually far easier to get to grips with than my workplace changes at first. The learning was challenging, but in a good way, and it flowed logically. The lecturers made everything really clear.

“I also had some good support at work, which allowed me to block days out to work on my apprenticeship, particularly in the first year when I was getting to grips with new concepts.

“In the second year my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and the university was really flexible with me when I needed it, which I’m so grateful for.

“In Allianz, we’ve been on a journey to understanding that there is more to systems thinking than the way we used to do it. We’re evolving and trying new things; it’s an exciting time to be in the business.”

Advice for the future

Amy’s advice to her peers considering undertaking a Master’s-level apprenticeship:

“It is going to challenge everything you know – even about yourself,” she said. “It will be exhausting at times because you’re stretching your brain to new ways of thinking, but you will come out better for it.

“There’s also lots of support, so as long as you come in with the right expectations, you’ll gain an experience that is invaluable.”


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Written By: Cormac Mcmanus

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