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Mark is Head of the Sustainable Manufacturing Systems Centre at Cranfield University and his main areas of current research are resource efficient manufacturing; process modelling; and novel casting processes. He holds a Bachelor of Metallurgy (B.Met) from Sheffield University and a PhD in Metallurgy from Cambridge University CASE Award with ITRI (Rapidly Solidified Tin Alloys). He spent 4 years at AE Developments (Tier 1, Automotive components supplier); 2 years in Battelle Research Centre, Geneva Switzerland (Squeeze Cast Fibre Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites 19 clients including, Alcan, Billiton, Isuzu, Fiat, Bohn, Comalco, Baekart, Alusuisse, Zollner and Morgan Ceramics); 2 years at Foseco International Limited, Birmingham (Manager of Light Alloys Technical Development); and 5 years at Foseco (FS) Ltd., Tamworth (UK operating company, as product group manager for sand products, coatings and technical software)