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David is a social entrepreneur and campaigner for responsible business, diversity, and small business development. He speaks, writes and advises regularly on business, society, entrepreneurialism, and future trends for businesses, media and business schools around the world. He has worked with many, leading global businesses including BP, Shell, Microsoft and Diageo. He has worked with international institutions such as the OECD, the European Union, and the World Bank. He is a regular key-note speaker for business conferences internationally. He is a regular contributor to, columnist and editorial advisory board member for the Guardian Sustainable Business Blog and The Ethical Corporation ( He sits on the Corporate Responsibility stakeholder advisory group for Camelot. His books include: "Everybody's Business" (2001) and "Corporate Social Opportunity: Seven Steps to make Corporate Social Responsibility work for your business" (2004) - both co-authored with Adrian Hodges; "Corporate Responsibility Coalitions: The Past, Present, and Future of Alliances for Sustainable Capitalism" co-authored with Jane Nelson, published by Greenleaf Publishing and Stanford University Press (2013); and "Social Intrapreneurism & all that Jazz (2014) co-authored with Melody McLaren and Heiko Spitzeck. He has also contributed to several other books including "The Accountable Corporation" and "What if?". David has an Honorary docorate of Laws from London South Bank University; and was a visiting senior fellow at the CSR Initiative of the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (2005-10), and variously a Visiting Fellow at several UK and American business schools.