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Homepage / My journey since completing my Counterterrorism MSc

My journey since completing my Counterterrorism MSc


Richard Robinson, a Chevening Scholar, completed his course in Counterterrorism MSc in the Summer of 2023. Before traveling to Cranfield from Montego Bay, Richard was the Head of School for the Caribbean Special Tactics Centre within the Caribbean Military Academy. 

Having returned to Jamaica, Richard shares his journey since leaving Cranfield. 

Richard presents the rank insignias to the service members who have been promoted to the ranks of Lance Corporal to Warrant Officer Class 2.

“After returning to my home country, Jamaica, I’m back in the thick of things with my military service. Since my return I’ve been appointed Detachment Commander of the Caribbean Infantry Training Centre; a part of the Caribbean Military Academy based in Jamaica.

“As part of many responsibilities, I’ve more recently been tasked to review and update current operational scenarios used for our courses. This push for improved training scenarios is critical for the operational readiness of our armed forces personnel within the region.

“The Counterterrorism MSc has definitely provided the tools to add tremendous value in this regard, particularly three modules; Terrorism Risk Management and Mitigation; Counterterrorism and Intelligence and Applied Counterterrorism.

“Having served close to 14 years in Intelligence and Counterterrorism operations and training, Cranfield was the obvious choice to pursue my postgraduate studies in the UK.  

“I’d recommend Cranfield Forensic Institute at Cranfield to anyone who wants a realistic research-driven Master’s programme for employment in the defence, security and/or law enforcement sectors.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind programme and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my professional and academic journey to date.

“Finally, I’ve also had the opportunity to act in a higher capacity as Commanding Officer and was fortunate to formally recognize some recently promoted members of the Battallion.

“I am extremely grateful to CFI and by extension Cranfield University for the opportunity to study and further develop as a leader. My mantra is to “just start” with all the thinking, planning and preparation we often do without starting all that effort is wasted. So just start that application, start that assignment and it is only then that you inch closer to your goals.”

Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson

Written By: Zoe Nimmo

Chevening Scholar, Counterterrorism MSc, 2023

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