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Homepage / Navigating the World of Robotics: My Journey at Cranfield University

Navigating the World of Robotics: My Journey at Cranfield University


Hey there, I’m Manideep, and I’m thrilled to share my experience pursuing an MSc in Robotics at Cranfield University. Let me take you through my journey and how Cranfield became the perfect fit for my career aspirations.

When I began my MSc in 2021, Cranfield University stood out to me for its unique blend of technological expertise and industry application. Having previously worked in startups, I was drawn to Cranfield’s emphasis on bridging theory with practical industry standards.

One of the unique aspects of Cranfield University is that it’s a postgraduate-only campus. While I initially worried about missing out on the vibrant atmosphere of undergraduate life, I soon realised the immense value of this focused environment. With supportive academic teams and prompt assistance for any technical issues, my learning experience was enriched manifold.

The curriculum at Cranfield was meticulously designed to align with industry demands. Collaborating with leading companies like Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) on my research project provided invaluable real-world exposure and helped bridge the gap between theory and practice.

After graduation, I embarked on roles with startups, including one focused on space-related ventures based in Cranfield’s own Eagle Lab Business Development Centre. The hands-on experience gained during my time at Cranfield equipped me to excel in these roles effortlessly.

Speaking of my current role, I’m involved in groundbreaking work in healthcare, particularly in post-stroke therapy using soft robotic techniques. Our aim is to make physiotherapy more accessible and affordable for everyone. As part of my responsibilities, I ensure that our products meet regulatory standards and fulfil the needs of our users.

In summary, Cranfield University has been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory. From its industry-aligned curriculum to its supportive ecosystem, Cranfield provided me with the tools and confidence to navigate the dynamic field of robotics successfully. I’m excited about the future and grateful for the invaluable experiences gained at Cranfield.

Reflecting on my journey, I can confidently say that Cranfield prepared me for the challenges of the real world. The rigorous structure of the programme instilled in me a problem-solving approach that continues to guide me in my current role.

Manideep Tamma, Robotics Engineer (R&D), Bioliberty (Robotics MSc 2022)

Manideep Tamma

Written By: Alice Kirkaldy

Robotics Engineer (R&D), Bioliberty (Robotics MSc 2022)

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