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Homepage / My aerospace manufacturing journey at Cranfield University

My aerospace manufacturing journey at Cranfield University


Hey there, I’m Abhishek and I wanted to share my journey into aerospace manufacturing, guided by my experiences at Cranfield University. Let’s dive into how this remarkable institution shaped my career trajectory and provided me with invaluable opportunities in the aerospace industry.

Choosing Cranfield University for my Aerospace Manufacturing MSc was a decision influenced by my best friend’s positive experience in the Aerospace Vehicle Design MSc. His enthusiasm for Cranfield’s international ties with industry giants like Airbus, Boeing, and GKN ignited my curiosity and ultimately led me to join this prestigious institution.

Throughout my time at Cranfield, I was fortunate to engage in both group and individual projects that challenged and inspired me. One standout experience was our group project on developing a digital twin, which culminated in the successful publication of our research paper. Additionally, my individual project involved a six-month collaboration with Airbus, focusing on solutions for wing tank testing. These projects not only honed my technical skills but also enhanced my soft skills and project management abilities.

One of the highlights of studying at Cranfield was the supportive atmosphere fostered by the university community. Whether facing academic challenges or navigating industry exhibitions, Cranfield provided unwavering support and guidance every step of the way.

Currently, I’m thriving as a Manufacturing Engineer at Hamble Aerostructures Ltd, where I specialise in Airbus products such as the A350, A320, and A400M. My role involves crafting metallic and composite structural components for Airbus and military aircraft like the European fighter aircraft, the Typhoon. The industrial exposure I gained at Cranfield has been instrumental in preparing me for this role and has significantly contributed to my professional growth.

Studying at Cranfield University not only equipped me with academic knowledge but also provided me with real-world industry exposure and connections. The university’s reputation in the aerospace sector has opened doors for me and positioned me for success in my career journey.

I am about to start a new job as a Manufacturing Engineer at Airbus, I am looking forward to updating you in the future on what I get up to on my next adventure.

My experience at Cranfield University has been nothing short of transformative. It’s not just a university; it’s a launchpad for aspiring aerospace professionals like me to soar to new heights in the industry.

Abhishek Makkattil

Written By: Alice Kirkaldy

Manufacturing Engineer, Hamble Aerostructures Ltd (Aerospace Manufacturing MSc 2022)

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