1. Do you need to submit a data management plan (DMP)? All RCUK councils expect one to be written, although EPSRC doesn’t insist that it’s submitted. There are templates and tools to help you on our DMP intranet page and you can email researchdata@cranfield.ac.uk for assistance or to have your draft DMP reviewed.

2. Do you need to write a statement about research data management (RDM)? Sometimes a call asks for a few paragraphs explaining your and your institution’s commitment to RDM best practice. Read about the key principles on the RDM intranet site and see some example statements in our RDM in proposals pdf but make sure you write a tailored statement that you’re committed to. If you’re not submitting a DMP, you should include a short statement on data preservation and sharing as funders are very keen to see this nowadays (it gives better ROI and potential for further research).

3. Will you need to include RDM in your costings? If your data administration is likely to include costs (eg encryption software, additional staff for transcription/anonymisation, data storage charges), include it in your bid as funders will cover these. See more on our Costing RDM pdf.

If you have any questions on research data management aspects of a proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact researchdata@cranfield.ac.uk. And if you are in the process of preparing a proposal, you can also request support for Data Management Plans through the Cranfield Intent to Submit System.


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