We received a very warm welcome from the team at Angaska and the cargo area at  Jakarta Airport. The current operation is within an area of 3000m2, with a working capacity of 400k tonnes of throughput per annum. In 2016 they actually put through 600,000 tonnes which explains why they need a new facility, which will be ready in 2019 with a capacity of 1500k tonnes per annum.

40% of the cargo is international, with 60% for domestic use.


General cargo is the main shipment, with 10-15% being personal cargo.

They have areas for sending out high value goods, temperature controlled products and also animals.

They do not operate specific cargo planes, all of the air cargo is carried on passenger planes.

It takes around two days for cargo to come in and move through the cargo facilities. Some larger scale exporters will be bonded, making the customs process faster.

In their promotional videos, there was one particular line which is “every smile that sincerely greets me…” and this was clearly demonstrated by the teams who provided us with their hospitality.

By Joel and Tino

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